Starter Spawn Rates


I have noticed a pattern in starter Pokemon spawn rates

In Generation 1
2 Bulbasaur spawned 2nd most
3 Charmander spawned almost never
1 Squirtle was everywhere

In Generation 2
1 Chikorita spawned most
2 Cyndaquil was 2nd most
3 Totodile was so rare i have yet to see one outwith a nest

In Generation 3
3 Treecko is almost unfindable
1 Torchic is most common but still uncommon
2 Mudkip is rare

So it seems to move down one every time


On this it goes right every time by one.

If you have seen similar patterns please post them below.

Also please note that this is still not guaranteed.
Also please note that I live in an area where nests are the only suitable way to obtain fire types. However the starters do not seem to follow this rule.


It depends on biome…the three grass starters are by far the most common for me. I rarely see cyndaquil/charmander/torchic


There all rare for me. Never sunny weather so no grass and fire. And mudkip only in rainy


It’s all where you live, in what Biome and what your most normal weather conditions are. Totodile for example was beyond normal in my region. Fire types, and ground even, are super rare here though.


I think this is all down to the area. Water types have always been common for me, but I’ve seen Mudkip more than any of the other starters since gen 3 dropped. I also noticed a massive increase of all three gen three starters when this generation came out, but has eased off significantly. Haven’t seen a Torchic in weeks and managed to get 125 candies with a week or two of gen 3 dropping.


39 treekos / 119 torchick / 83 mudkip seen

Almost all were caught during the increased spawnrate at start Gen III drop. Now all is normal, all i see is mudkips. As i said, and every1 is saying: region determines everything, there is no system behind this.


I rarely see gen 1, gen 2 and 3 for me are about equal, but I never see squirtle


Where I live the weather changes very often, so I see all of them quite often


How? I only have there 9 of them