Stacked lures give better results?


Hi guys! Sorry if this is answered somewhere else…

I like that pubs seem to be pokestops. Thats unrelated to my question, but still a nice observation.

Basically during one evening, we put 3 lures on in a row, and the third one yielded much better pokemon than the first two; the first two gave us pidgeys etc, third one had a dratini and a couple of other uncommon ones.

Has anyone else observed this? Or were we just quite lucky?

Cheers guys


Noticed similar things with lures. There’s a Park near Cambridge University with 7 stops, and when lured at once they always spit out something good for us to catch. Dratini’s and the like.


I think you’re just lucky.

Likely if you had been at a single stop and had reapplied the lure 2 more times after each duration ended. You would have seen similar results.

Now assuming these lures were on stops packed tightly and overlapping, IF it did give better results I would assume you would see a drop in the number of pokemon and increase in the quality. But I’m quite certain they don’t work like that.


I don’t do as much Lure time as I used to 2 months ago but I’ve seen a change that is noticeable in where the spawns do change with each re-Lure. I’ve seen the switch in spawns a number of times recently now.
The most obvious one was where I dropped the first Lure and got regular spawns of Magikarp (12 in 30mins), the next one I got 1 Magikarp but was getting regular Pidgeys where I hardly saw one th first time around. Lured it a 3rd time and Pidgey had changed to Venonat and I’d hardly sighted one the first 2.
I never did a 4th to see what the next one would be and have no idea if at some stage it would repeat the cycle.

Previously when I could spend up to 2-3hrs on Lures I’d see the same Pokemon over and over and no obvious switching spawns. I have a theory they’ve done it to stop Lure farming.


This has always been the case and that’s why it’s a waste of a lure to only use one. This is especially true in global events, the lures are great for farming xp and stardust.


Good to know, means I might have wasted a couple in my time… :frowning:


Not exactly… I happen to lure a double lure spot most of the time… Doenst do anything special when both lures are on.

So yeah. no for me.


Are you doing both for only the 30mins = 1 set, or are you doing multiple sets?