Sprint Trainer REWARDS


I know that the Sprint my trainer rewards program has been out for awhile now but I wanted to make a post about what it is and what in game benefits it has for anyone who is unfamiliar with the program. I will outline what the point of the program is and how to take full advantage of it below:

Point: The program was setup to reward you with points that you can exchange for app store gift cards (Google and Apple) which can then be used to buy the in game currency (Pokecoins).

How: You earn points by doing a variety of activities on a daily basis. There are usually multiple clickable objectives to tackle on a daily basis and they are usually just click a link which will open a new page and that’s all. Once the new page opens then you can immediately close it out and you will awarded the points associated with that link. The great thing is you see your balance update in real time so you know right away if you have completed the task. Occasionally you’ll have the chance to watch a video (these award more points then links) which you will actually have to watch to completion.

Rewards: The gift cards are valued at 10,000 points which may seem like a lot at first but it really is not that hard to achieve if you remain consistent. I have already cashed in twice and am more than half way to a third.

I hope this has helped anyone who was unaware of this program. If it did help you maybe you could help me by clicking my referral code below and using that to set up your own account.

Good Luck out there trainers!


Is this limited to US only? There’s no Sprint (carrier) where I’m from in Europe.


Unfortunately the Terms and Conditions state the following:
“The Program is open to legal residents within the United States, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands who are 13 years of age or older at the date of registration.”


I see. Thanks for the heads up! Can’t wait to see such third-party offers on a global scale.


Ugh, yeah, nothing for EU citizens. Maybe T-Mobile rewards could be a thing in the future


That would be cool, T-Mobile is in entire Europe


oh my dayss this sounds good man - whoa never knew this was a thing


I would buy a t-mobile sim card just for the rewards :slight_smile:


Sprint has been my carrier for 15 yrs. unfortantly I have the IPhone 7 :disappointed_relieved: Oh well I only want niantic to remove cheats from gyms anyway. Everything else is a moot point. :no_entry_sign::joystick::thinking:.


Wish they could figure something out with apple so everyone (at least in the us) could be included


There isn’t any restrictions in terms of device. You could even do it from a computer.


You can do it from any device even a computer.