[spoilers] New Sword and Shield Pokemon! GEN 8!


Wow, I really like the director, saving the games


Forgot the new regis. lol


My guess on Galarian Slowking is dark/psychic. The teaser looks vampiric.



Hol’ up, Chomp is in
Dragon Dance TR is too
It’s ubers time!


Already bought the expansion pass and got my Galarian Slowpoke this morning. Amusing fact: It doesn’t have a dex entry yet in the game. It’s not even listed in the dex at this time. lol


I’ll see if the DLC is worth it but it very well might be
Quite a shame that you still have to spend $60 on an incomplete game to get something worth the price though, and I expect another pair of DLC next year to patch in the rest of the Pokémon


In today’s age of constant DLC for games, this makes the most sense business-wise. It also beats $60 for a third game that’s 90% the same as the originals. lol


@Necrozmadabest: A friend just got me Witcher 3 as a late Christmas gift. :rofl:

… another game to cut into my Pokemon time!


I think I’ll just get the expansion pass for sword. Idk if I want to drop another $30 just to get the dlc for shield. (I missed the direct this morning, I’m assuming it’s $30 for each game to get the expansion pack, that contains isle of armor and crown tundra)


it is 30 for the both


Of course it will make a lot of money, no doubt about that
The problem is the base game, instead of helping it they put the extra content behind quite a lot of money for what it is

Also, great! I guarantee you’ll sink lots of hours into the game, marvelous


No, $30 for this year’s DLC and likely another $30 for next year’s Helm and Spectre or whatever


I’d go for Psychic/Ghost.

Expansian pass bought allready. Can’t wait to start with it!


Waiting until fall, most likely buying it too


First part (Isle of Armor) is allready in June.


I could see that too. The cloak and what we can see of the face definitely looks like a vampire. lol

You can actually see Galarian Slowbro in the bottom right of the screen at one point in the trailer. It looks like it’s just a Slowbro without a shell on the tail. Instead it just has a dark purple discoloration on the end of the tail, it’s forehead, and paws.


I’ve seen the Slowbro too indeed. For people who wanna see it as well: it’s on 4:57.


Yeah, but that’s only half of what the $30 stand for so I wont know if the Tundra one lives up to it as well


I am masuda breeding a 5 IV darmanitan with a 5 IV darumaka.


5 IVs carry over from random parent, right?