[spoilers] New Sword and Shield Pokemon! GEN 8!


Aw, man. lol


Skipping the shinies that aren’t as cool.

Wooloo and Doubwool are black sheep though! lol


Galarian Rapidash animation.


Galarian Farfetch’d.


You can see Sinistea actually swirling if you look from above.


Shiny Copperajah line.


Version exclusives:


Seedot line
Swirlix line
Scraggy line
Rufflet line
Gothita line
Deino line
Jangmo-o line
Farfetch’d line
Darumaka line


Lotad line
Spritzee line
Croagunk line
Vullaby line
Solosis line
Larvitar line
Goomy line
Ponyta line
Corsola line

This list seems to be missing Drampa/Turtonator though.


Still Kanto, just not Gen 1


Since it’s from Go/Let’s Go, then technically, yeah. Gen 7/Kanto, which is … weird. lol

Still. Jeezus. I mean, I do dig Kanto, but I’d like other gens to get more love too. So many chances for G-Max, so many given to Kanto/Gen 1.


Just spent an hour on reddit reading comments posted about this game, probably a mistake, since it made me highly question why I pre-ordered these games. Lol but I do agree why is it primarily gen 1 gets dynamax?


“Why is Garbodor the ONLY non-Kanto non-Gen 8 Gigantamax” is also suitable
I only hope that they are saving all of them for Sinnoh remakes


I’ve watched a lot of livestreams (before they were caught lol) and still think the game looks cool and look forward to getting it on Thursday night. Some folks are annoyed about the graphics and animations, but I think their expectations were somewhat unrealistic. It’s about what I personally expected visually.

The smaller dex sucks and is baffling to me because, while I can understand not including nearly 900 Pokemon in the game, I didn’t expect 400-ish. I legit expected 600-700 or so. It’s not a deal breaker, but is definitely a negative.


I was pleased with the breakdown as far as generations go. Kanto wasn’t as over-represented as I thought it would be. I thought that no matter how many made the cut, the original 151 would all be in. Thankfully, I was wrong and Kanto had a lot of surprise cuts too and percentage-wise, didn’t take up the most room in the dex.

Then I find that all the G-Max forms (save Garbodor!) are Galar and Kanto. Ugh. Such a missed opportunity to give some ignored Pokemon a new form and a little exposure. :frowning:


In the end, its by far biggest flaw is simply the fact that, despite being the 2nd best-selling series of all time, the games cant match-up to games like Odyssey, BotW or Ultimate
It feels like “another” game, not a huge leap forward
Im getting it because, in the end, I believe it is worth $60 for me, though


I’m getting it because I just dig Pokemon games and think they’re fun. This seems to fall in line with those previous games. I’m probably not nearly as picky as other fans though. lol


I mean, I did sink 70 hours into Let’s Go. :X


Now that Ive actually read a thread about all of its problems… Not so sure anymore lol
In most ways it actually feels like a downgrade to me with some pandering sprinkled in (Only Kanto and Galar Gigantamax? Cinderace getting the whole cake? Y tho)


why though? by the way, most threads about the problems are by people who still are crying out loud that they do not like dexit.

i actually am really hyped for the games


While I wish there were more Pokemon, dexit doesn’t bother me all that much as 400+ is still plenty to choose from. I’m also still super hyped and cannot wait to get my hands on this game on Thursday night.

Having said that, I also completely understand the frustration and anger people have right now … to an extent. They feel they were sold a bill of goods and that GF didn’t deliver. They adamantly stated that dexit HAD to happen so they could focus on a fuller and more detailed game experience … but that isn’t what it looks like. At all.

There is a pretty comprehensive list of issues out there that is pretty damning. This is the largest and most successful franchise in the world, yet they cut corners and were downright lazy at times. They have re-used exact animations and models from previous games and just polished them a little. Your rival is the exact same model from Sun and Moon, just tinkered with. There is a gif of the two of them and their animations side by side … and … it’s the SAME GUY. There is nothing special about the majority of the attack animations. The overworld has spots where it looks like N64 graphics. Sometimes, the battles have no backgrounds or use a background that makes no sense.

Yeah. There is a lot to be disappointed in, I’m afraid, and it’s not due to dexit. It just comes across as them saying “we don’t have to put too much effort in this game because it’s Pokemon. People love Pokemon.”

Again though, it won’t stop me from getting it. I love Pokemon games and it looks enjoyable despite the issues. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to be this massive step up from previous games despite being on a far more powerful system. That sucks and fans deserve better.

Classic case of over-promise, under-deliver. lol


I mean I’m still excited, and Dexit doesn’t really bother me, it’s more of the other issues that you pointed out in your post (that was also on the reddit thread) not to mention the fact that I payed $120+ for the bundle pack, since I definitely thought it would be way better than it actually is.
I’ll still get it and honestly probably enjoy it, just worried from a money standpoint since I feel like I over payed for something that wasn’t really a step up from previous gens and I also could have used $60 of that money for other things