[spoilers] New Sword and Shield Pokemon! GEN 8!




Jesus christ TPC


I mean it’s ridiculous for The Pokemon Company to do that the damage is already done, but at the same time IMHO people should be posting leaks if they get an advanced copy.


Competitive Held Items:

Throat Spray - Raises Special Attack when a Pokémon uses a sound-based move.
Blunder Policy - Raises Speed sharply when a Pokémon misses with a move because of accuracy.
Heavy-Duty Boots - These boots prevent the effects of traps set on the battlefield.
Eject Pack - When the holder’s stats are lowered, it will be switched out of battle.
Room Service - Lowers Speed in Trick Room.
Rusted Shield - When held, transforms Zamazenta into its Crowned Shield Forme. Changes its stats and gains an added Steel-type.

Presumed Item:
[Rusted Sword] - When held, transforms Zacian into its [Crowned Sword] Forme. Changes its stats and gains an added Steel-type.

Other Items:

Tart Apple - Used to evolve Applin to Appletun.
Milcery Sweets - Used to evolve Milcery into Alcremie. Known variants: Clover Sweet, Star Sweet
Nature Mints - Given to a Pokémon to give it the boosts and nerfs of the corresponding Nature (basically a Nature changer). Does not change actual Nature. Examples: Hasty Mint, Naughty Mint, Timid Mint.
Exp Candy - Boosts a Pokémon’s Experience. | Known variants: Exp Candy XS, Exp Candy S, Exp Candy M, Exp Candy L, Exp Candy XL


exp per exp candy
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Variant EXP gain
XS ?
S ?
M ?
L ?
XL 30 000



Emotion Pokemon
61.7 lbs
They diligently serve people and Pokemon so they can gather feelings of gratitude. The females are particularly good at babysitting.


Mr. Rime:

Mr. Mime
Dancing Pokemon
125.2 lbs
Galarian Form
It can radiate chiliness from the bottoms of its feet. It’ll spend the whole day tap-dancing on a frozen floor.

Mr. Rime
Comedian Pokemon
128.3 lbs
Its amusing movements make it very popular. It releases its psychic power from the pattern on its belly.



Black Tea Pokemon
.4 lbs
It absorbs the life-force of those who drink it. It waits patiently, but opportunities are fleeting-it tastes so bad that it gets spat out immediately.

Black Tea Pokemon
.9 lbs
When angered, it launches tea from its body at the offender’s mouth. The tea causes strong chills if swallowed.

New move:


Galarian Rapidash:

Unique Horn Pokemon
52.9 lbs
Galarian Form
This Pokemon will look into your eyes and read the contents of your heart. If it finds evil there, it promptly hides away.

Unique Horn Pokemon
176.4 lbs
Galarian Form
Brave and prideful, this Pokemon dashes airily through the forest, its steps aided by the psychic power stored in the fur on its fetlocks.



Two-Sided Pokemon
6.6 lbs
Full Belly Mode
It carries electrically roasted seeds with it as if they’re precious treasures. No matter how much it eats, it always gets hungry again in short order.

Hangry Mode
Hunger hormones affect its temperament. Until its hunger is appeased, it gets up to all manner of evil deeds.


Grookey dex entries:

Chimp Pokemon
11 lbs
It attacks with rapid beats of its stick. As it strikes with amazing speed, it gets more and more pumped.

Beat Pokemon
30.9 lbs
When it’s drumming out rapid beats in battle, it gets so caught up in the rhythm that it won’t even notice that it’s already knocked out its opponent.

Drummer Pokemon
198.4 lbs
The one with the best drumming techniques becomes the boss of the troop. It has a gentle disposition and values harmony among its group.



added a colour marker to show how good or bad it is compared to all the others



compilation of everything

note: the stats of dragapult have been extrapolated so it fits the stats of a pseudolegendary pokemon


A move Grimmsnarl can re-learn:


Side by side comparison of Toxtricity’s Low Key and Amped Up forms:


Note: Aside from their appearance, the leaker does not know the difference between the two. He has the regular low key form, but has never triggered the amped up form.


Missing Pokemon: Stonjourner. The leaker has never encountered one and doesn’t know if he even can. It’s theorized that it’s a Sword exclusive with Eiscue being the Shield exclusive.

The reasoning: 1. They are next to each other in the dex. 2. Their typings match up to one of the sets of version exclusive gyms: Ice, Rock.


My initial opinions, based solely on design:


Falinks dex entry and how it appears.


Your stats didnt include the EVs/IVs, did they?
Cinderace gas like 115 attack and 119 speed, Intelleon has 120, Dragapult is really close


In-game shot:

Also: Incinaroar’s sig is available to purchase. lol … it’s a TR, which is a one-time use TM.