[spoilers] New Sword and Shield Pokemon! GEN 8!


Apparently, each expansion will have it’s own separate dex, so we might get a new charm for completing each. In fact, I’d guess that the “XP Charm” they showed in the Direct is most-likely one of them. An upgraded Shiny Charm as the other would be amazing though. lol


There should be a certificate in Pokemon GO for completing the Pokedex.


Always changes, that’s impossible


I don’t know how that works in the main series games, but we should get some sort of recognition in Pokemon GO when we complete the Pokedex for each generation.


Yeah, that is kinda odd that we don’t. Instead we get badge for catching “X amount” in each gen, but not one for completing it entirely.


My roommate and I were raiding last night and landed a shiny Heliolisk! :smiley:


The origin of Galarian Moltres. :rofl:


@everybody: Are you disappointed that we didn’t get new Eeveelutions in this generation? Do you think there will be new Eeveelutions in the future?


I’m surprised (would have bet on dragon and steel this gen), but not disappointed. I know I’m in the minority, but I don’t think we need any more Eeveelutions. I’m cool with the ones we have and think that if they made more, they’d feel kind of forced at this point anyway. Besides, I’d rather have more NEW Pokemon than more Eevees. :wink:

As far as if I think there will be more? Yeah, eventually. lol


600 Rufflet eggs and 700 Snover encounters and still no shiny
But 8 Alcemie G-Max raids in and I caught a Shiny Alcremie
And today (after 8 Appletun raids) I caught a shiny G-Max Appletun


It’s funny how that works. It only took 14 Heliolisk encounters for a shiny (which I wasn’t even hunting for), yet …

… 2,100 Bronzor … zero shinies …

… 1,200 Noibat … zero shinies …

… 450 Stufful … zero shinies …

… 350 Zigzagoon … zero shinies …

… 1,650 Wooloo eggs … zero shinies …

… 350 Clobbopus eggs … zero shinies …



Roommate and I were grinding out raids again last night and landed a shiny Scrafty. lol


First Gmax Gengar raid I’ve ever done and it’s a shiny

It ran away :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


Shiny G-max can run away?!?! That’s crap. lol


Every raid can run away wether you are the host or not


Yeah, I was 2/2 until that moment. :man_shrugging:t3: Still finally hatched my shiny Rufflet after 630 hatches and found a shiny stufful, so not a terrible way to finish the day.


Yeah, I had just hoped that the shinies would be different. lol


Anyone else sign up for the Newcomers Competition?

I did, but then forgot to put items on my Pokemon. lol

I went 1-2 today.


Just jumped into a random person’s Mawile raid … and it ended up being a shiny. :smiley:


After 1,700 eggs, I decided to just start knocking Wooloo out instead, and on my 97th encounter …