Spinning same Pokéstop multiple times will not get you any Potions


Sitting in class spinning the same Pokéstops got one question on my mind that I discussed a lot of times with my friends before, and now I can discuss with a lot more people.

After I spinned the Pokéstop 3rd, 4th, etc. time I didn’t get any potions. And I spun them 9 times. That’s 7 times 2 stops. Last 14 spins I got 0 potions or revives.

My friend have the same experience. What about you?


When I am in need of more items I go to a place where I can spin 3 stops at once. (triple Pokestop?).

I stay there until my bag is full. As far as I remember I get potions until the end but I will pay attention next time.

Edit: I still keep on getting potions and. revives, even at the end


I’m at work spinning the same two stops all day and I get potions throughout. I will say since the additional berries became a thing the the recent increase in revive drops, I don’t get nearly as many potions as I used to


All I know is, when I need potions, I rarely get very many from Pokestops. When I don’t need potions, I get plenty. Sometimes I need to discard all my regular Pokeballs when I really need potions and have no bag space.


Probably just your luck, I live on one and get several things. Sometimes less pokeballs, less berries of the type I want, less revives, etc.


I think i’d stuggle if I hadn’t increased my storage space.