Spinda is here with Shiny Snubbull, Houndour and Raikou quest + new field research!


Did this topic mislead you? @Pokemon


Of course, that’s why many people were getting them :confounded: I don’t know if they still are


No… I’m just saying that when shinies are released they are more common for a limited time :rofl:


When the spawns of Pokémon itself are boosted, maybe. I don’t think the shiny rate is increased.


Why was I able to get 6 shiny plusle and minun out of 10 checked, @jormdeworm :expressionless::triumph:


That’s extreme luck.

Plusle & Minun’s shinies were boosted, either Community Day shinies and SZ shinies, but nothing else.


There has never been a ‘shiny event’.


Every single shiny is boosted when It comes out, @Jormdeworm


The spawns have always been boosted, not the shinies.


Ask anyone, shiny rates are always higher when the shiny comes out, there is 60 examples…


That’s because the spawns are boosted I think. But it still doesn’t make it an event.


There’s no increased shiny rate.


So the thousands of players who got one on their first try it was just luck???


And as I already said it looks the shiny rates are increased because the Pokémon spawns are mostly increased.


And like everyone on go hub getting multiple shiny plusle and minun in one weekend is luck???


No they WERE increased during Go Fest.


So the shiny rates corralate with the spawns. The more they spawn, the higher the rate.




Let me explain this:
During Battle Showdown event were Makuhitas boosted, right? Because the Makuhitas appeared so often, the shinies appeared more often too. This has nothing to do with the shiny rate, though. You were just able to get them quicker.

Now you don’t see Makuhita that frequently anymore, so now it will cost a lot longer to get shiny Makuhita.

Didn’t really know how to explain this but I hope I made it clear.


On-topic: I get a lot of Mareep quests now, which is pretty nice for me.