Spinda is here with Shiny Snubbull, Houndour and Raikou quest + new field research!


But still worth catching.


I dont even think i want to catch it


Why not? I’m collecting shinies. Even the ugly ones are allowed to join my collection.


Nvm i will just call it “Ugly”


WHOA. That looks like something you see in the toliet.


At least it is not greenish, like many others


I got the Evolve a Meowth quest and I have an aloan Meowth ready to evolve, does it count as a Meowth?


Spin 50+ pokestops, couldn’t find the quest - land 3 curve balls in a row


I think yes.




Yeah. It is as good as the original version




is shiny houndour in wild?


If I’m right it is, and Snubbull as well.


I have not found any shiny houndour or snubull, but it seems that it is harder to catch snubull than before, did they lower its catch rate?


Is shiny snnubul out???


I guess so.


It is out.


Yes it is out now. Hence the title of the topic lol


Got my spinda and a wild charizard