Spinda is here with Shiny Snubbull, Houndour and Raikou quest + new field research!


Spinda is here with Shiny Snubbel,Houndour and Raikou quest +new field research! Good luck with getting Spinda’s 8 forms!There is a quest for Spinda.The quest is “Make 3 curveball throws in a row”.Good luck trainers!


Wait what? Is Houndour shiny?


And Snubull too


Nice but I rather see common Pokémon shiny. I almost never see a Houndour or a Snubbull.



They seem to be available via quests:

Make 3 Curveball Throws in a row = Spinda
Catch a Skitty or Poochyena = Snubbull
Evolve a Meowth = Houndour


I regularly see houndour and snubull, and the color of snubull is different than what it used to be, I think if the same pattern (color changes), would it be a good indicator that the shiny form is out?


Spinda in wild or just quest?


It’s thru quest - land 3 curve balls in a row


Yay, spinda Although I will never get one…


Why not? As long as you complete the said task, you will get one since it’s un-fleeable





Got myself a Evolve a Meowth quest. I got only 92 candies and guess my luck: not a shiny!
Meowths are super rare where I live :confused:


Try 7km eggs. Meowth is really common in these eggs.


I agree the entire point of using meowth is to encourage people to build friendships and trade to get eggs.


Out of 50 quests its gonna be hard to get the right one.


Got Misdreavus from the transfer 10 pokes.
All the other pokestops gave quests with berries or revives. Need to check the ones on the other side of the town…


Good luck. Did you need that quest for Mew?


Shiny Snubbull: