Spinda Hunters! How many do you have?


I’m now at 108 seen and 108 caught. Haven’t gotten a shiny or 100% yet though…

Sometime between 11/1 and today (11/5), the Spinda switched from #3 to #1


254 seen, 174 caught, might have more left on the research stack/queue.


That is all. I don’t really feel like wasting anymore time trying to throw 5 Great Curves in a row either.


I think it was only the last new number that came out that was the ridiculous 5 Greats in Row.
The rest were pre that when it was easier to complete.
I couldn’t care less about the Shiny and refuse to carry around a quest and avoid trying to catch certain Pokémon in order to not stuff the streak.
I just see the long streak as infuriating and not enjoyable. Some may like the challenge, I don’t.
Removing the streak and changing it to 10 or 20 Great Throws would more fair and reasonable.
That would allow players to complete as fast or as slow as they want with much less frustration.



I am now at 112 seen and 112 caught.

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Sucks I’m carrying around a quest from Gigiregis day because my son doesn’t have enough stardust to trade me.


Got another Green Drunkie one today. Lol. Maybe four Spinda after last Shiny. And a normal Spinda too.