[Speculation] Shiny Pokémon in the game


It’s been a long time since the first appearance of shiny Pokemon in the game, which were Magikarp and Gyarados. This causes many players to think: "When will we get more shinies? Will they work in the same way as now? Or maybe there ARE more shiny Pokémon?"
What are your speculations?


My speculation (which may gain a negative response) is, when was the first shiny caught? March 2017? Not that long ago so don’t be in such a rush to push Niantic to push more shiny mons into the game just yet. A work colleague who is many levels behind me caught his first shiny magikarp yesterday - best day since launch for him & I couldn’t be happier.
Point is that they are rare & niantic has done a damn good job making them individual so as not to devalue their worth in game.
They’re a trophy item that cannot be sniped or tracked so let Niantic roll them out at their own pace & let those who are lucky enough to catch them, catch them fam.


I like your response and I think you make some good points. I also think it’s too early, but I was just curious about other people’s opinions. So no negative response for you.


There are over 230 mon in Gen 1+2, and over 700 overall (so far). If they release 1 shiny every few months, I’ll be 99 by the time all shinies are released… There’s reasonable stringing-on the base, and then, there’s ridiculous milking.

The Grass Event was the perfect opportunity to introduce the shiny Bulba. Easy enough to do, just a few lines of code on the server side. What would have been a fantastic opportunity to excite the base and draw back the lost players. Just another example of utter cluelessness in marketing management.


I predict all the shinies to drop with the upcoming gym rework. It would further the impact of the update in its entirety and give people who have no interest in battling (which is a surprisingly large amount of players) something new to look out for.


I think you make a good point but I don’t see Niantic dumping that much content at one shot. Based on how they have done stuff so far I think we will see a slow release based around some special events that happen in between some of the big releases.


Honestly, dumping all the shinies is not a lot of content. They’re just palette swaps that the average player would be lucky to see every couple of months. Magikarp got the special treatment since the red gyarados was a throwback to gold and silver, and was likely used to test out the mechanic in the first place.


Niantic is super slow with things so don’t get your hopes up, it’s like 10 months post launch and still no PVP or trading. If this was another multi million dollar franchise, it would’ve been sorted within first 2 months, look at EA, Activision, ubisoft properties… If there’s launch problems and admittedly there’s always loads of them - they are fixed and updates often and there’s communication on what’s going on. Niantic has no communication apart from hints on real obscure places


I think they could be slowly dropping through out the year via events after the gym rework ? The least I want is Niantic will drop them all at once! I kinda like how shine magikarps event were and would rather they keep it that way! Major gym update -> few events -> then legendaries -> then few events then PvP maybe :stuck_out_tongue:
And hoping more people will come back to play, all my friends had quit now and I’m the only one playing in my area except for spoofers so lots of high hope for Niantic!


Same here! My friend plays the game, but he also spoofs. So hope Niantic will make something with that.


I think that they will be released with the legendary Pokemons or one might be released if a Fire Event happens


I think they’ll be released (either all at once or a staggered release) once they are more sure that most ways of spoofing are eliminated. If they release shinies now, while spoofing is still a fairly big problem, more shinies will be found and shinies will lose their value and when trading comes along it will be even worse for their rarity.


I could see them dropping shinies (at least some, maybe all at once) towards the end of summer or in autumn. Something to encourage people to play into or through the winter months.

The thing about spoofing is a good point, too, I think. Especially if they get around to the trading system this summer still.


They should try giving us some sneak peak about the update so we get hype like Clash of clans do it.Niantic should learn something from them.


I think they should start to release 2 random pokemon every 2 weeks from all gens. Also removing 2 randomly to make them rarer. Shinies could be implemented this way. Picking 2 random pokemon already available and switching them every 2 weeks… it would keep the game fresh because we would always be anticipating the rare 2 week spawns. Trainers would have to be logged in to see what 2 new pokemon have been discovered in the wild


That’s a great idea.

Something, anything, between events. Shinies, mini-quests, etc.


37 here, played the game to death during water event, have gone to two separate really good Magikarp nests since the event and still no Shiny. Rare indeed! I don’t even look for them anymore so I will be completely shocked if I ever get one, which will be pretty awesome.