A member of Niantic’s executive team has advanced that we will have “a legendary summer” for Pokémon GO. The use of this word has been totally deliberate, giving rise to think that legendary creatures will be added in the game on the occasion of their first anniversary in July.

At the moment, with respect to the Kanto region only the legendary Pokémon - including Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Mew and Mewtwo- can not be captured in any way in the game, but with the recent declarations of Archit Bhargava of Niantic in the 21st Annual Webby Awards, it seems that the situation will change radically in this sense in a way yet to be determined.

“This summer is going to be legendary,” said Bhargava. Although this does not confirm at any time that Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres will finally have their respective event in the game, there are reasons to trust more than ever that Pokémon GO will finally make available to iOS and Android players at Legendary birds.



I’m pretty sure it’s THE hint of the month. If it doesn’t come out this summer then the player base is gonna drop from the disappointment. Niantic just set themselves up for something good, they need to step up this time


This was in no way a marketing mistake or an accidental leak. Bhargava has almost a decade of experience in marketing, the speech he was allowed was only 5 words long, and apart from nouns and verbs, we got two keywords:

this summer will be legendary

This is the strongest indication to this date that it’s happening. This summer. Legendaries.


Totally agree, but I also think they are not going to go with Mewtwo. Niantic has always let the things happen on the way they should and I personally think Zapdos⚡️, Articuno❄️ and Moltres🔥 are the ones who will probably going to show up


For sure! He is an experienced guy, no doubt. I just want it not to be a joke as on the DICE award. Everybody will remember the words…



I’m hoping for an 7/6 anniversary release.

While I know 7/4 is only an American holiday - USA is a major market.


Fourth of July is a touch too-american for a grand release, but something around that date is definitely possible


Regarding the date Legendary Pokemons have to be a worldwide event. But how are they going to handle it? An event localized on two or three pointa arround the world wouldn’t be fare.

Is it possible that every region could have a specific place previously announced where the pokemon could spawn?

There are so many different ways to do it, which one would be the best?


im gonna be so angry if theres no trading by end of summer…


I’m curious to see how this event will be implemented. Will it be on a global scale or will players have to travel to X country to participate. I just hope Niantic does the right thing so the player base won’t be disappointed.

PS: Spoofing will be taken care of by the time Legendaries will drop. :blush:


what makes you so sure spoofing will be taken care of? xD i mean it doesnt bother me since im just a pure pokedex collector and not a gym battler and invested in combat but yeah


Maybe a little of topic, but…

If everyone can have one legendary, will everyone have the same IV one?


honestly its not. everything is behind schedule :frowning:


one legendary a week xD its gonna have to trickle perhaps


I’m sure Niantic doesn’t want spoofers to have legendaries. I mean, just think about it. Going around the city and having all gyms filled by spoofers and their legendary Pokemon. This is not what Niantic or The Pokemon Company want. Besides that, with the Gym rework and recent ban waves, Niantic does everything they can to remove spoofing from the game. Take a look at Ingress (Niantic’s original AR game). The second you start spoofing in that game, you will be banned. These are the mechanics that they are trying to implement in PGO, but with The Pokemon Company behind them, they have to carefully implement them, step-by-step.

So, I strongly believe spoofing will be a thing of the past by the time Legendaries appear in game. Otherwise, we might have already had legendaries. Just my opinion.


Before you give them too much credit, they are just refusing to communicate with fans and have a community management team, like man that’s so basic with a game aiming for long term


Well considering the recent anti-spoofing measures added to the game I think spoofing is going to be less of an issue. I’m sure people still have found ways to goof the system and resume their cheating, however they will be found someday. Personally I would like to see the legendaries be available worldwide instead of at events in big cities like New York etc, because we all aren’t from new york… and i think i’d rather spend 1700$ on a car instead of a flight to catch 1 Pokemon.

If they added an item etc that acted like a lucky egg or incense for example, a bird feather, spawn orb, i don’t know, it’d enable people all over the world to have a chance at getting them. Of course, it’d be hard for the people living in very small towns with little poke-stops… but whats the other choices they have?? Let them spawn in the random?

I also have a feeling legendaries might have something to do with gym raiding too. Don’t know what yet, but we’ll see what Niantic has to offer. They always surprise us.

None the less I am excited for the future of Pokemon Go.