[Speculation] Legendary Pokémon


How do you think we will acquire Legendary Pokemon? Personally I hope they do something similiar to how they showed in the trailer. Masses of us having to fight one Legendary and if we defeat it, we catch that Pokémon.


Okay so I’ve had a huge theory about this but I believe that Niantic is going to release the Dogs first before the birds. Think about the games, you have to go to a specific location to find the birds but you encountered the dogs in the wild.


I hope its more like in the games, where every now and then you will randomly encounter that pokemon, you will have one turn to catch it and then it runs! As if it is only an event pokemon then I very much doubt players in places other than America and Japan will have these events and be able to catch them! Makes it very limiting for other players! Sure there could be event legendaries but not the birds! Should be based on your team and be able to encounter them after completing the pokedex! I would very much like to see some form of recognition and story line in the game to give it a lot more depth and interaction!


I hope they do that but make it available in most big cities around the world.


When they release the legendaries, I hope it will be something global so that anyone playing the game can have the same equal opportunity. It would suck if you had to travel to X country to catch a legendary IMO.


Exactly. US is way too big to travel to certain cities, and also is Brazil (where I live). It would make more $en$e to release it everywhere because people will certainly come back to the game to catch legendaries. However, it would also be sweet to hold a huge event in a big stadium…


Also, I love the idea of Unown spawns to be increased around the time they release the Legendaries. It would be so epic!


All I want is a event in England… Preferably in the North, like the Mewtwo Times Square one that’s depicted in the trailer… That would make me happy cause that still looks epic even if you watch it back today


lots of hoping from everyone - i just hope the spring and summer updates are solid and it’ll make the base game a little more well rounded and good time for bigger events to be a thing!


I have friends who are active Ingress players. I believe there will be a Legendary event in early summer, simultaneously at major cities.

In Ingress, mass-gathering events are called Anomaly, always sprawled out across big cities. To participate in Anomaly, you have to check in at the Niantic booth, where they will give you a digital code (I believe this is the primary purpose of releasing the “Promo Code” feature - in preparation for Legendary event.) So, spoofers will not be able to snipe Legendaries, because it will be code key-controlled.


their vision of people in times square teaming up sounds like something cool in reality tbh - as long as they crank out the updates i’ll be happy^^


Did you guys read about a crazy guy ramming car into crowd at Time Square? Really crazy, and scary… Freaks me out thinking about it. I hope when they host a mass event like that, they really coordinate with the city police to keep things safe…


there was a mass stampede in Taiwan due to a snorlax wild spawn too, imagine what happens with mewto real life event


Although nothing seems to be certain in Pokémon Go, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to Niantic adding new, exciting features in the game:

  • Niantic is working to bring players back to the game not lose more, so they won’t likely do anything that would deliberately ostracize players. We’ve already seen this with rural players and players who live i certain countries. I think it’s safe to say that the release of legendary pokémon in the game will be for all players globally.

  • Minor updates and event occurrences have increased to keep steady players engaged. That will likely continue and perhaps increase.
    Major updates (the kind that have a large impact on the way the game is played) along with special events will probably be more sporadic (Niantic won’t “play all its cards” at once).
    Legendary events are likely to be just that- rare, but epic.

It seems safe to anticipate a pretty great celebration for the first anniversary of the game- especially with a promised introduction of legendaries. Don’t forget, though, that there is no guarantee about which legendary pokémon will be released. Also, the possibility remains that the legendaries in each grouping could be released individually. For example, Niantic could get sneaky and introduce the legendary birds into the game but only release one at a time over a period of time. They will want to milk each event (especially legendary events) for all they are worth.

I’ve rambled on long enough. Thoughts?


the whole individual “trickling” ONE by ONE sounds like a win win for them to keep engage for a longer stretch period - you might be onto something good sir!


I completely agree with you. I just hope that everyone has a fair chance to enjoy the game and the new features, in this case, the Legendary Pokemon.


Same here. I’m hoping for some significant improvements to nearly every aspect of the gameplay. I hope they don’t slow-roll the release of these improvements either like they do with new pokemon gen releases.

I love Pokemon Go, but I want to continue loving it and the release of new pokemon can only distract me for so long before I’m back to realizing how bland and repetitive the gameplay mechanics are.