[Speculation] - Gym Update



The last weeks we have known by the guys who did the data mining that the gyms are getting a rework in so many ways. For what we know so far there won’t be the possibility to put a Pokemon that is already in the gym. Also is probably going to be a feed system where the players will have to feed their Pokemon on the gym in order to maintain them there.

What do you think about the future gym update, what are the main changes you think there will be or you want? If there are gyms with more than 1 Pokemon of each will be kicked out when the update comes? Will they still there? Is the battle system going to change or improve? There will be a new berry added to feed the Pokemon?

Share your opinions, thoughts, and predictions of how the gym update will be.:smile:

General discussion

I hope gym could have type and some doesnt as thus us the option by the first trainer placing a Mon in a gym. This function could easily been done and so interesting in my opinion


i am honestly very excited for just new features in game! dont care what at this point - just new things and keeping it fresh please LMAO


Team rocket will take over all gyms… instead we’ll have rocket henchmen standing there. No one will be able to access the gyms. For about a day it stays that way. No access has been allowed to any trainer. Then you here there are people reporting that keys are being dropped at pokestops.