Special Research XP/startdust rewards - Lucky Eggs/Starpiece working?


Hi everyone,

I’ve never paid attention to this, and now I’m not sure, what’s right…
I recently heard avout this 100k stardust Special Research reward for the Yokosuka Safari Zone, and someone said “wow, that’s 150k with a starpiece!”. :money_mouth_face:
Others keep saying that Lucky Eggs and Starpieces won’t work for Special Research rewards (i.e. even with a Starpiece on, when claiming this reweard one would only get 100k).
So - who’s right here?


I don’t fully understand the 100k stardust reward and i’ve never heard of this.
Perhaps you mean the 100k quests completed during the event gives bonus stardust and somehow thought you’re getting 100k dust?


I am talking about this

or this

Might be fake, of course… Not sure about Reversal, he sometimes like trolling his followers, but Kelven is not known for photoshop as far as I know…

But my question is not about the 100k… my question is about Starpiece or Lucky Egg GENERALLY working


I’m new to this info, so all i can say it NORMALLY works. :smile: