Spawn rates and tasks


It seems like the best way to stop running into a particular type of pokemon is to draw a task to catch 3 of 'em. For what seemed like weeks I had oddishes coming out the ears (several dozen per hour, seemingly everywhere I went). As soon as I got the task to get 3 bellsprouts or oddishes, that stopped, and I haven’t seen even one since then.

Not a complaint, just an observation.


Yeah, a rumour I had in my head as well, without pronounciation…


Probably just a coincidence. Because that would mean that you would be affecting OTHER player’s spawns by the quests you complete, as well! They wouldn’t do that.


Your completely shure to see the same spawns as others?

At least lower level players see other spawns than the higher level…


Murphy’s Law for Pokemon GO:
No matter how common it may be, you won’t encounter the Pokémon you’re actually after.


Yes, but each pokestop usually gives out same tasks during certain times a day. When my kids and I spin disc consecutively, we get same task.


Ok I’ll go pidgey, ratta etc hunting


Nope, everyone sees the same spawns. Below level 30 gets different IV’s, but its the same pokemon.
Except if you have a shadow ban. Then you dont see certain pokemon, but you dont see different ones.