Someone has tips for kyogre?



I’m sorry to burst your bubble but in your case the answer has to be no. 5 mid level players just won’t do it.

You will really need good counters and many of them if you want to succeed. Everyone needs supereffective attacks and since kyogre will kill them all quickly, you’ll need like 18 maxed out good counters per player to even stand a chance and even then i’ll take a bet that you will not make it.

the time lost with rejoining so often is the kiler for you.

My personal record is a 5 man Ho-Oh with lowest player level 39. Catchrate was 100%, al 5 of us caught it:)


I dont think thats true. I did moltres with 11 lvl 25 players and only 2 pokémon died. And i have a army of strong grass attack exeggcutors


The problem with Kyogre is that he will oneshot your pokemon (even gras) with his charge attack at your level, meaning you will have to rejoin at least once and most likely twice, costing valuable time.
No other legendary has had that amount of damage. Also, for evey extra player you get, you get more damage and thus quicker kills and thus less fainted mons, and this ramps up pretty hard.
Also, a Blizzard Kyogre + grass pokemon don’t go well.
Also also, Moltres is weak and Kyogre is the strongest we’ve had so far.

I really think 5 is too low, way too low even with lower level players. Most (all) others here will agree on that. Feel free to try it, but it’s a waste of raid passes IMHO.

And if this is your situation for future legendaries: please powerup your mons above level 30. I know you’ll only get half CP for increasingly more dust but that little bit of HP and damage will really help if you’re struggeling with low attendany at level 5 raids.
Point in case, most Kyogre raids i hear people complaining about having to rejoin while i’m still on 4th mon and we all are level 35-40. These are the people who don’t powerup.
Dead dps = no dps. The longer your first team stands, the better!


Kyogre is doable in 5 high-leveled players, even with Blizzard (costs will be high tho), and maybe even in 4 if you have maxed out mons


Agree, but with good counters, high level mons, and enough good/high backup for your 2nd and 3rd team. But for at least 95% of the players that will not be the case.
So i stick to my answer: 5 man is not doable. And every rule has its exception…


5 Man is doable for 35s and over, especially if it carries Thunder


I did groudon with 3(i have a army of IV90+ vaporeons) and he had 40% of its hp left


Thats why you dont use Vaporeon


Ditto keeps his level and HP even though he transforms to whatever Pokemon he’s battling. Kyogre will beat him quickly.


We’ve used a team of six to beat Kyogre, all over level 35 trainers IIRC. But we all had our first team faint out and almost had our second team faint out as well. It’s doable but you better have revives and potions if you want to reuse the same team. If my first team faints out, I usually just jump back with the recommended battle party.


He wont become over 5000CP. Lies


Yeah. But if i catch a high lvl ditto…


Depends on the moves, I assume yours had Blizzard right? That counters almost everything you can use against it


The rural problem is one of my biggest criticisms of the raid system. To get the new legendaries, you are better to use old legendaries. If you were too low level to get the first legendaries but would be high enough now, you have no chance. Theres also still that problem of not enough players…


Yep, Blizzard. One hit KO, except for my high CP Raikous.


We have found that it takes 5 to 8 or depending on moves and who shows up. I won’t attempt Blizzard with less than 6 and lowest in my group is usually 32.


Use a Kyogre with Blizzard


Yes, if you want to lose, you should use Kyogre with Blizzard


I dont need tips anymore! Found a raid group nearby! :smiley: