Solo'ed raids


I’m part of a Pokédraft in my local area. 6 of us pick 12 mons each. The “draft” consists of us picking mons in sequential order & once someone picks it, nobody else can use it until a redraw is done (normally when the T5 raid boss rotates).
Using the only one team of 6 from the 12 you’ve picked we have to solo T3 raid bosses (you can use any 6 of the 12 you picked but cannot use more than one of your 12 picks, i.e. if you pick Groudon you can only use one Groudon in the raid & no reviving mid battle - if all 6 faint, you lose).
Can be quite challenging when you can’t use just maxed out legendary counters with STAB.


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#23, was it easy to solo Alolan Raichu?


Depends on which team I had at the time. We recently did a redraft so I’d solo’d Some previously where it went down under 5 seconds.
Also depends on if your team is weather boosted or the Raid boss is and of course if your mon has the right move set (clearly this is not me - this is my gf’s account when she was in the draft).

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And I wouldn’t say it was “easy”. I normally have to throw in some well timed dodges & calculate which of the raid boss’s charge moves I have to take in order to charge my move up at the right time to land another hit to them.


When I was very low level and couldn’t understand the game, I tried to solo Regice at like level 18, and stupid me didn’t know it was impossible, even though my crappy team was quite decent and managed to get it down to 75-80% HP left.


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I soloed Crawdaunt. It wasn’t difficult.


@Branebs What Pokémon do you use? What moveset do they have and what level are they?


Solo both weather boosted Solrock and Lunatone with 2 level 30+ MM Metagross and no dodging. After defeating Solrock, the second MM Metagross has more HP left than the one against Lunatone because Solrock carries Solar Beam and Lunatone has Rock Slide, Rock Slide fires off more frequently than Solar Beam


The last solo raids I did where mudkips evolve form and 2 sandslash


Zapdos - charge beam/zap cannon, I don’t know level so I’ll write stardust and candy needed to power up: 6000sd, 6c
Machamp - counter/dynamic punch, 8000sd, 10c
Venusaur - razor leaf/frenzy plant, 6000sd, 6c
Zapdos - charge beam/thunderbolt, 1900sd, 2c
Raikou - volt switch/wild charge, 1900sd, 2c
Machamp - counter/dynamic punch, 2500sd, 2c


Got crawdaunt and solrock today


@Branebs, thank you for taking your time to write them in detail, I’m almost positive that you used your first 3 mons to solo Crawdaunt


You’re right!


I soloed Crawdaunt the other day with 3 level 30+ Counter/Dynamic Punch Machamp, the 3rd one has more than half of hp left.


Who else is beating Deoxys solo?


A guy in my local group and I always try to solo any 3+ boss that is possible and we record our times. Time left is verified by a screenshot when the confetti goes off.

Machamp 99s left, alolan Raichu 57s left, Alakazam 7s, Gengar 72s, Onix 50s, Hitmonlee 38s, Hitmonchan 31s, Starmie 53s, scyther 96s, Jynx 86s, Pinsir 83s, Vaporean 53s, Jolteon 33s, Porygon 79s, Aerodactyl 55s, Granbull 70s, Piloswine 84s, Donphan 10s, Sharpedo 130s, Solrock 105s, Claydol 34s, Absol 6s.