Solo'ed raids


This is a topic for showing or talking about solo’ed raids, from Sharpedo to Tyranitar, share about it! Tier 1 and 2 raids are not allowed. The tier 3 raids I have solo’ed are Sharpedo (3 times) and Piloswine (once, and my 2000 cp Gyarados lasted until piloswine was at half health, Waterfall Hydro Pump was the moveset.)


I think I made this before


Yeah, I solo’d a Magicarp.


Is a absol solo possible?
Pretty sure…


Wow that must have been so hard


I must admit, after starting to solo Machamp I didn’t try a lot of other (tier 3 or higher) solos. I only remember Alolan Raichu and Scyther… both not very strong. Oh… and I almost forgot Gengar…
Not because I thought I wouldn’t be able to, but because of the raid bosses… I’d rather spend my free pass on something useful or something with a possible shiny.


I soloed Deoxys Attack.


Excluding T1/2 is not a good idea, since once you have maxed out perfect counters, they all become relatively easy (Used to just barely be able to solo Raichu, but now I can do it pretty easily with some decent time to spare. I have to manually switch out if I want a lot of my party to get in on the battle. Same for Machamp). Instead, I like doing private lobbies where I solo T1/2 with gimmick teams such as

-Only low level Pikachu against Magikarp, bonus points if they have Surf
-Dewgong with only a single Metagross
-Buizel with only Shinx
-Shellder with only unevolved Electric-types such as Elekid and Pichu
-Croconaw with a single Solar Beam Alolan Exeggutor (if I have to use more than that one tall egg boi, then the challenge is failed. I usually require myself to use Solar Beam twice before considering it a success)
-Sandslash with only NVE mons
-Breloom with only Blast Burn Charizard (I have yet to try this one)

And it’s far more fun and satisfying than “click shadow ball and win” against Alolan Raichu.


That’s the beauty about this game, the many varied styles it can be played.
You like the challenge and enjoy the Raid Battles with more challenging battler where as I just want to smash them as quick as possible, collect my Rewards (that’s all I’m actually doing them for) and get on with taking down Gyms I’m not Gold and Collecting Dust to Power up Pokemon to smash the Raids as quick as possible.


Sharpedo is super easy. Just bask with 2 magneton and 2 zapdos (1495) and finish him off with a Jolteon (1476). Electivire was ready but it wasn´t needed.
Still missing the Alolan Raichu. Don´t have mewtwo and the Ho-Oh or Lugia didn´t drop from the weekly research…
Sometime ago tryed a solo Machamp (i was level 30), could not finish him off in time. It was into the deep red but could not finish him. :disappointed_relieved:
Haven´t saw one in the last 3 weeks, the level 3 where all Mawile and today there was one opening but, i could not stay to see who it was.


Mawile only hatches from Tier 2 Raid Boss Eggs?






I soloed absol in cloudy weather with 6 level 40 machamp. I dont think it’s possible if absol has thunder though. I had 0 seconds left


The only T3 I seem to be unable to beat is Shuckle (no deaths and like 15% remaining) and some variants of Alakazam


I have solo’ed Machamp, Gengar, Scyther, Jynx, Piloswine, Kabutops, Pinsir, Granbull and Tangela


Imagine how amazing would it be if you could go up against a legendary solo
3* seems possible, but would require near-perfect counters and optimal movesets in some cases
Maybe 2,5*, with the attack and defense of a 3* but only 2500HP?


Machamp got really easy after getting a good espeon and mewtwo


And after the change in stats he’s even more pathetic
Imagina having to beat a tier 3* Uxie with no option to join with others


I’ve solo’d Jynx, Alolan Raichu, Flareon, Scyther and Piloswine. I normally don’t try for many of the Tier 3 Raids mainly because I already have really good Pokemon from them already. Otherwise, it’s just boredom because there weren’t any Tier 5 raids that day.