So what counts as windy weather?


I have seen that the weather function is a bit of. It isnt really super accurate but it gets it right 7/10 times. But what I am most curious about is how they decide if its windy or not. For me its simple. Everything over 6 m/s should be windy weather in Go.

Does anyone know anything about the windy weather conditions? Today we had well over 7 m/s of wind but only cloudy on Go.


It is based on the weather service that Pokémon go uses dictates the in game weather. I have read that what accuweather is the service used although I’m not positive.


It seems like they are using it here in Sweden aswell. Ill check it out.


The weather will only show as “Windy” if the wind is more prominent than the cloudiness/sunniness/etc.


Yes the weather system is confusing. Here in the UK we had 80 mph winds and yet because of the clouds it classed as cloudy…


I have learnt that it will show what accuweather shows. Not a good weather app. Its 90 % of when it comes to rl weather.


I got windy weather for the 1st time on Monday, and it wasn’t even that windy. 5-8 mph ish