Snorlax July Research Breakthrough - Discussion


Wait, what? I thought the 3 beasts would be next!


In my personal opinion, this is the worst news Niantic has given us in a long time. First of all, don’t really like bringing legacy moves out of retirement. It really devalues them and Niantic has already devalued enough rare stuff. Two, how am I supposed to be happy that instead of legendary Pokémon that don’t spawn we get a Normal type Pokémon that does spawn in the wild. Third, I understand that a Body Slam Snorlax is a quality gym defender but how is this exciting when Niantic themselves has devalued gym defense and you are rewarded for defenders being kicked out of gyms, not by actually staying in and playing defense. Between this and Regice, I’d probably be taking a little bit of a break from the game if it weren’t for the global research.


I’m disappointed with Snorlax as Quest streak reward too.
I’d be fine with it returning as a T4 Raid though.


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They be trolling. Honestly. If we all just stopped playing they would act right. Snorlax is useless to me.

Very disappointed.


They are going to stick with Kanto Pokemon for the next couple months to coordinate with new Switch titles that interact with PokemonGo.


Why can’t they just release the legendary beasts? I don’t need any more snorlax


maybe they have plans to rerelease them in L5 raids with shiny variants?


Part of the point of the research system is to make legendaries viable for rural players and solo players. This is another huge blow. But I don’t have any body slam snorlax so I actually wouldn’t mind getting a couple. Still a lot less valuable than the legendary beasts which I am missing all but Entei of. Legendary raids which I could beat with a few more entei in my town (we have 3 combines …) like regice are going to now be unbeatable and that is really annoying.

Also, with Regice going away before Snorlax, and Snorlax being literally useless at raiding, we’re going to not be able to beat it where we could if Entei was in the box. *sigh


I dont mind it at all. I still dont have snorlax in my pokedex, since i wasnt playing from the start and I wasnt lucky enough to hatch him from egg.

Plus, i think they save the legendary dogs for when the Celeby special research will be available, being it the same gen and all. I can wait a month or two :slight_smile:


This will be good for @bagguille, who doesn’t have Snorlax yet


I would hope (and expect) that the legendary dogs will be next. Rurals and solo players still have no way to get mewtwo though …


People didn´t readed the entire newscast… Snorlax it´s the week reward. Yes, it´s a downgrade but, the daily researchs will get upgraded with encounters with other pókemons, like Ditto. For most of the people, that daily will be worth more than the 3 to 4 Snorlax they can catch.
So, joining the research tasks with the month prize, we get more than 1 prize.
Right now, with over 220 tasks completed this month, the best pokemon i got was a Ghastly… with 4 Articuno. Finding out what quest gives a Ditto will take sometime and research.


I totally agree with you. However people just want the legendary from the breakthrough and to me they are given away too easy now, so i welcome this. Rurals should get their legendaries sure, but letting them wait a bit more isn’t that bad. This topic alone shows they are getting spoiled :smile: :wink:


Isnt Snorlax there just to show you can get him from quests? And not as a research breakthrough reward?


snorlax is breakthrough reward. Pikachu, eevee and ditto are quest rewards


I only saw the tweet, where did they say that?


I have seen 18 snorlax, caught 16. Most legendarys i have seen and caught more. So im not to sad about this.


I do my forum stuff at work so playing with my phone requires some tactics, but here you go:


I guess this makes it an easier decision to get a 5th Articuno unless waiting for July’s reward.