Slaking in the Wild


Has anyone seen him in the wild? I’m starting he doesn’t spawn. Seen lots of Slakoth and Vigoroth but not the king


Slaking doesn’t spawn wild, you have to catch all the little slakoth’s first To evolve one into the big guy


Josh is lying, Slaking can be found, as my brother got one off an incense, they’re just super rare, like Snorlax or Miltank


I’m not lying, no-one in the 2 days of Gen3 has found a SINGLE wild Slaking. Why? Because they cannot spawn wild. Trust me, i’ve looked for a wild Slaking and they cannot be Found.


Did you not read my comment? I said my brother got one off of his incense, and it was around 3000 CP, meaning yeah, they can be found in the wild, like I said, they’re probably extremely rare, like Togetic or Hitmonchan rare


Well, i can forget about even slakoth since my city really enjoys giving me free sentrets, and no rares… even though i saw wild Dodrio yesterday, it was too late for me to go for him.


Seriously, wait for it to be partly cloudy (increased normal spawns) and then go out and look. Under those weather conditions, they spawn everywhere.


Exactly, yesterday my weather was partly cloudy and in ~2h30 I caught 5 slakoths


Slaking is sure super rare, abut it can be caught. I hear the perfect IV CP is 5441, which is the highest currently in Pokemon Go. There is a downfall, since Slaking’s only quick move is yawn, which does zero damage, so its not a very reliable pokemon. However, it is fun to have in your pokedex, and if you catch it , well, contragits!


I got one wild too m8 so he does spawn wild.


It has about 4500 max cp…


Slaking’s MAX CP is 4548…


I thought you can’t catch a third stage gen 3 Pokémon (raids not included)


You can’t, I’m not believing the above comments unless they were to provide proof. Gen 3 third stage evolutions do not spawn in the wild.


@mewtwo1 , @Minismurfen3 and @Coltonandgen , can you confirm this?


Can confirm they DONT spawn in the wild. No stage 3 evolution of GEN 3 does. NO exception. If anyone claims otherwise: Pics or it didnt happen.


You mean stage 2 i think.
The first pokemon is called “Basic”
The second pokemon is called “Stage 1”
And the third pokemon is called “Stage 2”