Sinnoh stone discovered in Pokémon Go network traffic



The quote belowe triggered me.

Sinnoh Stone doesn’t really exist in any of the official Pokemon games, but it was created in a fan made Pokemon knock off game (Project Pokemon) that debuted on the Roblox platform.

The first time (as far as I know) that a fan-made item and idea could be implemented in a Pokémongame.


Finally I can get stone for gallade. Had prepared for it for very long


Time to evolve my 98% roomba piggy!


roomba piggy?


What’s that




Wouldn’t you wait and see if Swinub to Piloswine becomes 25 Candy not 50?
I stuffed up and when I was powering mine up I hit evolve. I was holding off to see if the cost was going to reduce.


Yes, I will evolve him once Mamoswine gets released


Don’t think they will reduce the candy to 25.


Well, Horsea is 25 now


Did some reading, You are right. It happend to Zubat too. So it could happen, but keep in mind that Gen 4 is not a big Gen and they could have a few Pokémon that are hard to evolve either by candy level or extremely rare evolution items like the Sinnoh Stone.


My guess is that Rhyperior takes more than a hundred, but I dont expect them to not lower the prices from 50 to 25


Hopefully its 200 or less, I want at least 5 rhyperiors.
My hundo rhydon is waiting.


I wouldn’t mind some very ver hard to evolve Gen 4’s. A extremely rare Sinnoh stone with 200+ candy’s needed.
It gives me a challenge.


God no, I need more than just a Mamoswine


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