Show pokemon stats(needed for pvp)


Sorta an off shoot of my other topic. For PVP to work i believe all stats of a pokemon would have to be shown.

When looking at a pokemon you’ll see atk def stam (speed) and their iv.

  • Yes show all stats
  • No
  • Show stats but not IV

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I emailed Niantic and GUESS what

Personally i disagree. If you really want to win in my oppinion you need to read up about stuff. Put some time in it. Not just have all that stuff handed to you.
But im competetive, and have time to do that. I can imagine other people not wanting to do that :sweat_smile:


Why would stats be hidden? and need a 3rd party app to see them… That legit makes 0 sense.

edit- Did you read it wrong? Its to show your own stats to you…not your opponent.


No i did not read wrong. Im saying you need to put time in your own mons to know wich of them are good and bad.


So continue with the use of 3rd party aps. lmao…


And? How did you get to know the IVs in the main games?
And they play a LOT bigger role there, along with EVs, which are also invisible


I played main games and never cared about IVs Evs or stats. Point noted and avoided.

Stats should be shown period.


@KingQ07 why did you vote all 3 option. My error for even allowing that.


Troll or misunderstanding…


I take most replies as trolls cause the people i play with all agree wit all my ideas. But whatever righhht?


The fact that you dont care about them does not mean they werent important…
And i thought you were asking for oppinions. I assume that because you put the “No” option in your poll. I guess i was wrong, your just looking for people to agree with you.


Do not put words in my text. I never said they are not important, WHY the … would i want them to be shown if the arent. I put no for jokes cause its pretty much senseless to hide atk/def/hp.

Just check the votes :man_shrugging:t5: just cause im only 1 who speaks means NOTHING also.


Also i am 100% looking for people to agree with me lmfao you think ill hide that? i defend all my ideas! an believe all are what Pokemon go are missing and will only better the game. every SINGLE idea i had on here. L O L


Ok, im gonna leave this topic since the most interesting about this topic seems to be the math in the poll.

70% yes show all
30% no
20% show stats but not IV

120% total. That seems a bit broken.

The only other interesting thing about this is how your mind works and how you think about yourself. That however has nothing to do with PokemonGO so its not interesting to me. Im just happy you dont play in my city…


1 person voted 3 times and broke the poll. My idea is winning.
I wouldnt want to play with you neither. None of my friends would. Good day sir.
edit- @Robdebobrob the poll basically 90% my favour so…you can leave this topic


Either way im getting my way… i dont care if IV shows or not, Aslong as they start the process of showing stats.


With stats showing, no trainer would no longer need PokeGenie. Save space on your phones and time.


Refrence to past topic:


Perfect example of what stats would look:


Giving out all the info from the Pokemon straight away would give up alot of learning curve. There should be just Pokemons base stats to show where it’s more suitable. Showing the iv’s and type weaknesses/strengths won’t be something that Niantic would do.