Should I power up this bad boi?


After maxing out Kyogre, Rayquaza, Mewtwo, three TTar, a Raikou, two Machamp and a Piloswine, should I power him up next? Im one Rare Candy away from being able to do so


I have no Groudon but he is strong so i should do it


He is strong but I feel like I wasted stardust powering up mine, Groudon gets less use than most of my other powered up beasts


Between a 100% and a 96% are less than 10 CP in case of a Groudon.
You use him? Do it. You have upgraded evrything usefull? Do it.

In your case for me it’s not a pure rational decision. You have enough of good stuff of everything, so you can take an emotional decision… I like him, and I will push him


if he is ur highest iv then yes




Yes, ye, yes, yes
I’m in the process of Maxing out my 2nd one.
I’m hedging my bets that Groudon will become more useful later.
Not sure if Dragon Tail / Solar Beam or the Double Ground Moves will be the preferred yet?


Depends on what do you use it for, but I think that Mud Shot/Solar has the highest DPS
and I maxed him out


It’ll get its fair share of use when they release Registeel and especially Regirock, resisting its STAB Fast Move and 2 of its 3 Charge Moves. It’ll also fare well against Dialga and Heatran in Gen IV.

Basically it’s not seeing use now, but it will in the future.


Groupon is one of my favorite attackers in the game right now, I use it often against gyms… fighting ttars and aggrons


Cant wait for primals,my maxed out titans are ready to be used


174 rare candy…
That must have took 7-9 months


I threw 100 rare candy into random stuff yesterday because I had way too many and was taking up bag space. and I haven’t raided in about 10 days.


Not at all, I spent them all like three weeks ago (three weeks before I posted this), maybe not even that


Don’t try to compare with every player, jijiji… :joy::joy::joy:
There are people you can’t even imagine how many time they can spare, or which way they are playing.

Raiders 100% shurely have too much rare candies, and don’t have a great variety of mons. Collectors have too much variety, but don’t have much BIG mons.

And there are Hardcore-Players who have everything, a Pokedex completed, big Mons to fight, too much level and Stardust… it’s just for not to try to compete with them…:grinning::grinning::grinning:


You’d be surprised how quick the Rares accumulate when doing a fair bit of Raiding.
I’d get that much inside a month.


OMG I JUST GOT 10 RARE CANDYS IN 1 DAY :exploding_head::star_struck::star_struck:
Im so happy


Imagine getting 10 Rare Candy or more every day :grinning:


Then i maybe had things like Slaking Salemence Metagross and that stuff