Should i max this bad boi out?


I have a high CP Tyranitar with B/SE,So should i max this bad boi out?


Hmmm, what’s its IV?


84 but 14 ATK,14 Defense and 10 HP


Hmmm, my guess is: Wait for the Larvitar CD, and after that, decide if you want to.


Acctully maybe i find a high IV/CP Shiny larvitar,And then i could evolve it and max it out…Maybe 1 day i will find a 100% Shiny…Cant wait for that moment!:wink:


Wait to see your result after CD and then you can decide which tyra dark or rock you needed at the moment

Because smackdown is exclusive in CD, and we dont know whether niantic will release it again…


Hold off to see what you get out of Community Day.
If the day gives you rubbish than you could consider Powering that one up but don’t take it past L30 as the cost for gain climbs steeply.

Remember the Larvitar evolved on Community Day will get Fast Rock Move Smack Down making it superior to Golem with moves Smack Down/Stone Edge.
You then may want to change that 84% to Bite/Crunch which is one of the top MewTwo destroyers.


I’m not using any Larvatar candy until after Community Day. Wait and see what you catch then.


You need to use it during Community Day or you wont get Smack Down.


I decided to max it out,1 Power Up left😉


Good thing you asked for advise here just to go against what everyone said :joy: :+1:t3: you do you