Shiny Pokemon need a better method


There needs to be a better way of actully encountering shiny Pokemon. This randomness is pretty ridiculous if you ask me.

I never encountered some shiny and some people have multiples.

In my honest opinion it’s easier to get an Ex pass than a shiny.

In the actual series game there were methods of recieveing a shiny.

It’s just too random.

There should be a shiny charm or atleast set the game to that “if you caught a x amount of a specific pokemon” It will give you better chance at a shiny.

It’s just too random. I still dont have a shiny aaron, and some others. The shiny rates are so low to the point that only on community days could you actually encounter a shiny randomly. Are there even shiny anymore? ( you might ask yourself)

Also it seems low lvl trainer accounts recieve a higher chance of obtaining a shiny, NOW how is that even fair? A lvl 40 who played and put in countles hours, possibly paid hundreds, Can’t have a shiny but a lower lvl new trainer may get one with ease?

Atleast being max level should increase the rates. I dont know what the rates are atm but to me they are dredfully to low.

YES its suppose to be special and a 1 in 8192 chance but come on. By the time we get to Gen 7 i believe whatever you didnt get already will be near impossible.

What do you think? Are shinies starting to be annoying. I have gone weeks hunting in a single nest. idk bout you but it’s not fun to me at all to hunt for weeks for 1 single pokemon, that may never even pop up. Not to mention nest change almost every couple weeks so your on a timer. For example; i remember in 2016 there was only 1 charmander nest and it was in a different city and in the forest behind a school, alot of crimes began because of so many people hunting at night, isnt that working backwards? It may have changed by now, i no longer hear about that part of the country but it was on the news(back when Go was that popular)

This is more so a rant to incrase spawn rates rather than “adding a new item” but if this said item would increase spawns and is obtainable for some special feature such as completing your Pokedex or a certain amount of Km walked, maybe 2Million KM walked an spawns are a slightly higher. Something outrageously hard and difficult to increase it’s rates.

Let ms know your ideas

Amount of “specific” species caught should affect shiny increase

  • Yes
  • No

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Shiny charm(lures more shiny, increase rate)

  • Yes
  • No

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Walk about 2Million+ Km on your account should increase shiny alot

  • Yes
  • No

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higher lvl(more near to lvl40) higher shiny rate

  • Yes
  • No

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Yes, definetly.
We should have a chance to get the shinies AFTER the event, I know there is a chance , but so impossible.


It near impossible.


you made some arguments that i really agree on, mostly the lower level player / casual players that are getting more argument is really killing the game for me.

I’ve seen multiple times some casual getting a SHINY LEGENDARY on their very first attempt on that boss. A freaking pokedex entry on a shiny!, also seen it on Kyogre and Ho-Oh more then once.
Why?! Why do i have to do a gazillion raids to get 1, and little miss sunshine that i’ve never seen in our community drops in and get’s a shiny (absol, happened last night).

I strongly feel your pokedex count of a pokemon should increase the shiny encounter chance.
Example: every legendary boss has a 1 in 20 chance (5%) to be shiny (1:19,5 according to research). I’ve raided 93 x Kyogre. My chance of shiny should increase by 93%, to 9.65%.
TYhey should reward the hardcore players and not lure in the noobs/newbies with shinies. Just my 2 cents.

also, in PoGo normal shiny chance is around 1 : 450, not 8192


I feel as if, the new lower lvls will just quit quicker. If your just joining Pokemon Go now i honestly dont see them staying as long as someone who started closer to the start of the game.

They get it easily, brag, then get bored and quit. No grind. Most likely dont know nothing about Go so if their rewarded with a shiny, they feel as if they achieved everything. Might aswel quit right?

I agree with you @Punica, the dex should affect how and if you get a shiny. Increasing chance at shiny.

Imagine catching 9009 of 1 species, i would just give up. And remember i said “catching” so no not “seen”

:unamused::unamused:its very annoying and im sure Niantic knows the algorithm of shiny and it’s not as random as we are told


I used to target hunt types to try and get Shiny’s but I gave away playing that way due to many of the points listed above. Found I was getting frustrated and not enjoying the game as much after like mentioned above with new, casuals and low level players getting them with a fraction of game interaction than myself. Before the Ex Pass issue Re-work the same was happening to me also.
It took some will power to turn my thinking to I don’t care about Shiny’s anymore. I went back to just catching them all and if I got one whoopee.

I like the idea of increasing the odds of capture based on the amount of the type you’ve caught. Reward for the effort helps keep interest in the game. No reward for lots of time and effort is the biggest enthusiasm killer for anything. It’s the reason I quit playing competitive Golf for 8 years.


It makes the game feel like a job. Its as if niantic forgets…we have a life. We cant just be in an area for 5 hours for a entire week only looking for 1 POKEMON, that we seen 200+ times.

Not to mention,…not even catching if not shiny.

it’s annoying and time consuming. No incentives at all.


Niantic reply to this is; Try a different area.

That person needs to be fired for that nonsense reply.


i have a nest at home, with 3 spawn points i can reach. Currently i have a slowpoke nest, but the 2 weeks before: charmander. Did i get a shiny? no. Did the casual player next door get 1? yes (same guy who caught a shiny ho-oh on his first attempt ever…

Don’t get me wrong, I play enough to have myself enough shiny charmader caught during community day, but still… why him, and not me, or both of us?


There’s an easy answer to why him and not you.
It’s by design in an attempt to turn that casual player into a hard core fool like the rest of us :rofl::rofl::rofl: and ultimately hopefully they part with money if this happens.


my question is.

Do they not care about hardcore players ?

Low shiny rates. Dont tell me “shiny suppose to be rare” lmao that a lame excuse.

They don’t care. There is no way to even increase rates. community day does not count at all.


They have a lot more care for the new and casual as it’s their aim convert them to hardcore.
Very few Hardcore players are going to walk away and they know it. They got us hooked so there’s no reason to do much.


this still pisses me off… no shiny yet.
Got Mawhile after 49 raids


Took me 900+ Aarons to finally get a shiny. While 223 Houndour do get 1 shiny, and I’m around 400 Magikarps with 2 Shinies. The RNG is a [email protected]#tc, but I don’t see Niantic ever changing that. Perhaps, a big maybe, they put Shiny Charm somewhere down the road. From a bussiness stand point, if a newbie gets excited over a shiny, chances are he end up spending some money in game.

It’s just marketing, you know. A random feature can keep the game alive for a bit more time. And if your game has a playerbase passionate about it, well…jackpot. They’ll play as long as they can until they finally hit the right RNG, to move on to the next objective.
The way I see, Niantic is a company, they couldn’t care less about fan service or fairness on randomness. Gen IV is not a treat, it’s a mean to keep the game alive and people buying.


Playing is 1 thing, but they could earn more money by selling something that increases shiny rate.


Around 100 aarons to find 2 shinies, 150 houndours no shinies, 300+ magikarp, swablu and wailmer and still no shinies


I have had 4 shiny Aron out of 278😂


I didn’t find any of the new shinies. I still don’t have shiny Shellder (335 seen), Natu (300), Sunkern (177), Snubbull (124), Wingull (44), Minun (153), Roselia (394), Wailmer (231), Shuppet (281), Duskull (176), Luvdisc (100).


The level doesn´t give any less shinies…
Last weekend, gone to a nearby park, some 8 players with over 100 accounts at level 40 (almost all of them… they called it grinding using spoof), most of them had 40 to 80 shinies. One guy had 4 Kyrogue, 3 Ho-oh, 3 Articuno, 9 Absol, 6 Tyranitar and 20 Charizard all shinies.
After trade opened, he just rose the friendship between his accounts and placed them all on the same account. Then a level 21 guy, showed up with 2 shiny Kyrogue and 2 Articuno. The guy found a shiny Snubull at the same time than a level 40 found a shiny houndour. Everyone else couldn´t get anything.
It´s just luck. Found a shiny aaron, a shiny shellder, a shiny larvitar and a shiny magikarp (after 888 caught… and got the Gyarados to the Mew quest and had evolved the best magy i had found, when the yellow one showed up). On the old games (Pokémon Gold… the one that is going for 20 years release) i found a shiny Krabby, was the only pókemon i got (plus the gyarados). Everyone was using a cartridge to find only shinies… the finding a shiny one was destroyed.
Let it stay that way. But, the shiny charm could be given to the ones that got 2 of the 3 pókedex completed. With the current release of the regional pókemons, would make people play for it.


176 Duskull seen?

I have only caught 74 ghost types total :scream::+1:.