Shiny Pokémon List


These shinies are here now:

  1. Magikarp
  2. Gyarados
  3. Pichu
  4. Pikachu
  5. Raichu
  6. Snorunt
  7. Glalie
  8. Absol
  9. Mawile
  10. Duskull
  11. Dusclops
  12. Sableye
  13. Shuppet
  14. Banette
  15. Dratini
  16. Dragonair
  17. Dragonite
  18. Aron
  19. Lairon
  20. Aggron
  21. Swablu
  22. Altaria
  23. Poochyena
  24. Mightyena
  25. Luvdisc
  26. Lugia
  27. Bulbasaur (?)
  28. Ivysaur (?)
  29. Venusaur (?)
  30. Cleffa (?)
  31. Clefairy (?)
  32. Clefable (?)

Please tell me if I forgot one.
I’ll update

Gen 3 shines in gyms

Not many Gen II Pokémon


You can add the bulbasaur line since there’s a good chance, but imo, they should have done shiny Larvitar, Chansey, or Charmander for March


Yeah, but it’s not here yet

But I add with ?’s


It’s gonna be here




Added Lugia too now, but I’m not sure


They shouldn’t have done Lugia, they should have done shiny Ho-Oh with Sacred Fire or shiny Rayquaza with Dragon Ascent


Idk if you know but shiny Lugia is here already


Now that the precedent is set with Lugia, will all Legendary rereleases have a Shiny variant? Makes sense because it motivates all the people that already have that Legendary to participate in the raids.


Some rumours are going an that shiny Cleffa will make part in the Eggstravaganza event, so I’ve added it.


Seems a bit premature, this site is already accused of being too speculative, maybe wait until it’s confirmed.


I can always edit it