Shiny Murkrow for trade


Hi there,
I have just run across a shiny Murkrow this evening and am looking to trade it to anyone interested. It’s currently sitting at 17 cp with Peck and Foul Play for attacks. I am out of Salem Oregon if that matters for trading (I’ve never traded so don’t know how it works)

Not looking for anything in specific, maybe a Starmie with a nice moveset or something cool. My favorite Pokemon is Umbreon, so a nice Umbreon with a good moveset is always a plus (Snarl, Foulplay). Anywho, I’m not to difficult to please and would love to hand it off to someone really looking for this shiny. Let me know.

Also I hope I posted this in the right place, I am new to these forums.
Spence :smiley:


You need to find someone in Oregon to trade with…


Murkrow has an evolution in Gen 4, right? So you might want to keep it at least for that


You need to be within 100 meters of eachother to trade.
Also, if the other person doesnt already have a shiny Murkrow it will cost you 40.000 stardust even if you are BEST friends. Very costly to trade a shiny.


Oh dang! O.o
Well thank you everyone for the information. I appreciate it.