Shiny magikarp odds


It is 1/8192 in gen 3. In gen 2, shiny pokemon were calculated by iv.


My info.
Shiny #1 was 1 day and 1 magikarp, 0 were raids.
Not had another shiny for 63 now.


Shinies weren’t available since the beginning, they started during the water event, so the % is higher than that


Correct, Shiny only available/released into game at start of Water Event which was 24th March 2017 best I can work out.
All Magikarp pre that release date is irrelevant to any stats.


Got my second Shiny yesterday. First was the very same night it came online … 2/3773. Poor IV’s but kept them anyways.


I’m 14 out of 5437 at the moment.


I am 1/64 at the moment. I imagine based on your info that i just got lucky.


Incredible luck from you. I’d be (roughly) 1/390


I caught a shiny in a raid. The funny thing was, I did the raid on two phones (I play Pokémon like I drink: two fisted). When it came time for the capture phase, one was shiny, and the other one wasn’t.


Shiny Pokémon are individual. 2 people can catch the same mon & it won’t be shiny for both. Makes it harder to track / snipe etc.


One question, I have only one shiny Magikarp, but in the Pokedex appear the two yellow circles with white circumference, as if I had/have shinies of both gender. Any explanation?
Because I’m shure I’ve never throw away a shiny!!!


You get credited both Gender no matter what gender your Shinny is.
No idea why, just the way it is.


Thanks, so I don’t have to fight with my memory… :smiley_cat: