Shiny magikarp odds


Has the odds to find a shiny magikarp been discovered?? It’s been around for months now, and I have found something like 500 karps with no shiny :sweat:


No one really knows. Since they first came out I have been lucky enough to get 4 of them. One took me three Magikarp captures to find, another took close to 1000 captures. As far as we can tell, the odds are so random that you cannot tell exactly what they are.


I have seen/caught 931/878 magikarps and got 1 shiny but I got that one a while ago.

Anyone has ever seen/caught a shiny Gyarados? Or does that not exist?


I go plus’d the only 2 I have and that was during the water event. Haven’t seen one since…


Odds of a shiny are abput 1 in 4000, I think.


I got a 10 CP shiny about a week ago…terrible ivs, but don’t care…he’s a shiny gyrados now. Not sure I’ll ever see another one. I’ve caught about 1000 since the game started, but not sure how many of those were since they released the shiny probably 600 or so


Just caught my 1st yesterday
1284 caught


Congrats @Mystic one of these days hopefully I’ll stumble onto one of those!


My start date was 7/27, on 7/27 I was certain Niantic would throw me a shiny (I work near an ocean). I caught 1 magikarp that day and no shiny. On Saturday, 7/29, I caught my first shiny turning on my phone once while I was out to dinner with some friends at a restaurant near an ocean! BAd IVS but still, I’ve caught 661 magikarp, 100 of them being big magikarp, and my 661st magikarp is a shiny two days away from my 1 year POGO anniversary. I’m thinking that’s too much of a coincidence given the odds of catching a shiny. Nevertheless, here’s my shiny!!!


Out of 682 seen, 1 shiny for me.


I’ve caught at least 500 - 600 Magikarp since the shiny got introduced and I have 1 shiny with a 69% IV lol


My wife caught a shiny 100% IV from a raid. It would be interesting to know if raid magikarp have higher odds of being shiny than regular magikarp.

While I was super jealous, we don’t live near water and she had previously evolved 2 regular Gyarados with the worst possible moveset each time. She really has the absolute worst luck with that. So her 100% IV Red Gyarados is her best Pokemon. Nothing else noteworthy.


Got my second shiny:


I’m still yet to get one (and I live in an area with a lot of water spawns)


Due to not catching a Shiny during the Water event a week or two later I started a Shiny count down to track the days and Magikarp encounters/catches to finally get one. Still counting :unamused:

I’m currently at 116 Days and 499 Magikarp and NO Shiny.
19 of those have been Raid Boss ones and not one IV worth keeping either.
My total Karp numbers since I started playing are 1321/1268.


I have no Shiny since I stopped playing before the water festival. Just started again recently. Its actually funny how I have a Shiny Pikachu and Raichu but no Karp or Gyarados


I’m sure I read somewhere it’s supposed to be 1 in 220, but that was back duuring their actual release when they were more frequent. Having said that, I know people who’ve caught loooooads more than me, but I got the shiny somehow. On game boy games it’s something ridiculous like 1 in 10000 odd


I can update this now I actually have one.

Shiny #1 was 143 days and 564 Magikarp, 28 were Raids
Shiny #2 was 9 days and 77 Magikarp, 1 was a Raid.
If you average it out that’s 1 every 320 Magikarp.

I’m now 5 Days and 113 Magikarp (5 have been Raids) in trying to get #3.


Start date was 31/07/16 & so far I’ve seen 931 Magikarp & caught 2 shiny Magikarp (0.2% catch raté for those statisticians). Vive le RNG :joy:


I got mine first try lol so I got lucky still not seen another tho after 60 or so karps