Shiny Ho-Oh!😁 :)




β€œI Am Lucky As Always”


Got one too, gotta trade it away for Articuno


Gorgeous bird right there.


β€œI Am Cursed As Always”



14 ho oh still no shiny :unamused:


20 Hooh and no shinies let’s see if someone can top that …


I can. O hooh and 0 shinies. :stuck_out_tongue:


i caught 17/22 started not caring to catch them.


Boy I catch every legendary they are special.


I never bother to chase this and only did 6 over the 3 days. 2x Saturday, 3x Sunday and 1x today.
No Shinny for me but I did get a 100% 2222cp.
Someone on out Discord had done 74 over Sat & Sun on 2 accts with no Shinny.


Still not even seen a ho-oh raid, nevermind beaten one.


6 raids, one 100 IV. NICE!!


MY annoying little 8 YEAR OLD SISTER HAS 2 SHINY HO-OH’S.
my 13 year old has 1
my 8 year old says i can have one
if she can have a shiny swablu
worthy trade in 5 years?


Fnn? Friend?


Few more likes :wink: