Shiny Gible released - Let’s discuss!




Yeah the lame simipour was a 5k. My mistake! Wild catch had a better scan than any I’ve hatched 777cp 3☆. I kept the wild 777 for luck & evolved the next best specimen obtained from egg hatches


I’m not necessarily complaining about the Klink/Shiny Feebas hatching instead of the ever elusive GIBLE. I let myself get too fired up & counted my Gible before they hatched LOL (like the saying “don’t count your chickens till they hatch”) The insanely low odds of hatching baby Garchomp didn’t keep me from getting my hopes up LOL! The lucky 607cp Gible12/12/12 OR
standard 626cp Gible15/12/15? Evolve the non-lucky? My brother hasn’t hatched a Gible yet (got me hooked on GO in July '18. Traded me a Shiny Psystrike Mewtwo in a lucky trade for my bday in October) Should I trade him the non-lucky Gible next time we activate lucky friend status? Or keep it for myself & tell hatch more eggs?


Bummer about the cold weather bobbyjack8! I’m about to walk to the nearest stop, spin it, keep goin far enuf away to see if there’re raids going down in walking range (used to have a gym nextdoor to boost mobile pokestop 1.5 city blocks from my place. I’m salty bout Sprint removing their stop) It was hoodie weather at noon ish by me in Milwaukee, WI.
Ferroseed just spawned in my front yard! I’m stoked :slight_smile: definitely going out to game it up now. I missed out on a group that meets at South Milwaukee library (Facebook coordinated, 3rd party app used by organizer & plenty players to crush any T5 or EX raid) started at 1pm I’m an hour late! Whenever I go to my little sister’s house I walk her 2dogs & play GO. Does your dog pull on the leash right as you try to throw/catch like her Husky “Dax” & tree dog/bear dog “Duke Treewalker” always do? On thanksgiving my niece & I walked her dogs to park 4a few spins. As luck would have it we ran into a group of 5ppl on foot as well which make winning vs weather boosted Terrakion easy as fk! It ran away on my niece’s account -_- she’s only 8yrs old n likes gaming already, I went to trade her a Terrakion…no dice! She didn’t have the dust & we’re not best friends in game yet either.


My only 10k was a Feroseed.