Shiny Gible released - Let’s discuss!


Hello everyone. I have just heard that Shiny Gible was released last night and I’m looking forward to reading some opinions from you guys on this. I myself think this is the most terrible idea Niantic has ever had, because, right now, it seems like Gible will not get a Community Day. Given Gible is too hard to get, I would really have wanted a Community Day. It is not guaranteed that Gible will not get a CD, but I am neither sure if I still want one, because if you somehow still manage to get a Shiny Gible (before its fictional Community Day), would it be special to have one, then? No, I think not. I’m not sure what to think, so open the discussion!


Given the fact that Gible actually never spawns and is incredibly rare from 10 km eggs this will make it an almost impossible shiny. Next to that this release actually means Garchomp will probably be the first Pseudo Legendairy not getting a Community Day. Maybe a raid day will be given then?


sad. could have been the best CD so far with Garchomp


I have yet to see a Gible in the wild… I don’t understand this decision…
But maybe…only maybe… this means we will get community days for shinies that are already out (read: Machamp, etc.) and then even for Gible… One can dream…


I seriously doubt he wont get a Community Day


Had to have been a mistake. It’s difficult to believe that Gible won’t get a Community Day. It’s hands down the most looked forward to potential CD ever.


So do I. But if it gets a Community Day then what is the point of releasing the Shiny earlier? That’s what I am wondering about.


Or what about moves like Earth Power and Dragon Rush? That’s why I’m wthinking of a raid day probably, like they did with Gengar.


New eggs have been released… could be linked :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


egg pool shake up: gible is now not in 10k eggs anymore but in, oh wait, still 10k?
doubt they will give him via 2/5/7k eggs
stupid call this by Niantic. Disagree on worst decision ever though, the’ve done worse.


Such a desperate money grab for suckers to spend up on incubators chasing a very rare chance. Shame on you Niantic.
I fear that spells no CD to give every one a fair and equal chance making it one of the best CD’s.
Here’s hoping the masses are still very bitter over the regional Shiny Egg con so they give Niantic the big get stuffed we aren’t buying this time you greedy grubs.
No good IV and no Shiny Gible for me (sigh)
I’ve held of evolving my 91% 14atk waiting for the CD. Might as well do it and forget about having a good Chomp.


Its a pseudo-legendary and they’re in dire need of Community Day species, this is probably just to quickly cash in on incubators


The current egg pool is not completely known yet. So far no confermation on hatches of gibble after the shake up.
In a few days we might know more.


I’m clearly a very casual player as I’m really not bothered what happens :joy:


Because it ain’t mine I’ll post it here. It was posted on my local Discord. So guys, it seems spawns ain’t raised but the shiny rate seems to be.


TSR has updated, although not yet confirmed.


I was exactly thinking this would be the matter. I do also think Gible will be more boosted in events in the future.


I think I’ll invest my fantasy time on things less unlikely to happen, like how to avoid falling space junk, or how to use the next 500-million-dollar lottery jackpot.

Shiny Gible? How about a nice left-handed Sasquatch while you’re at it?

To clarify, I’m not saying that shiny Gible is not going to get released, or even that it’s not going to get a Community Day (I don’t know enough even to speculate about either of those) – but that my chances of getting a shiny one are even less than my chances of getting a regular one, which have already proven to be infinitesimal, at best…


I think they’ll probably end up giving it a community day. Theres too much demand for it. It would be a bad business decision.


Same here, Definitely a casual player, since I’m not upset/bothered by this one bit.