Shiny Alolan Pokemons


Guys. I’ve never caught a shiny alolan pokemon before. But I caught shiny Pikachu, Grimer and Cubone. As I evolved them, their shiny alolan forms appeared in my Pokédex. Have you ever noticed that?


Cool! I knew about Raichu but not other ones.



Pick a challenge!

The same happened to me. I have shiny Raichu and Alolan Raichu, but here it shows that I have shiny Alolan Raichu.


in my Dex as Well but i dont have the alolan formes Shiny.


@Fabsu so cool!!!


For some reason, if you catch a Shiny for the regular form, it’s Alolan form will also be registered. I’m not mad about that at all, honestly.


Pretty neat. I’d much rather have them in my Pokemon storage, though. Things that are only in my Pokedex mean approximately (but not exactly) zero to me.


Marowak looks cool