Share your XP official Megathread


48 million XP this morning


32 million after lapras day



Passed 49 million this morning.


a few months after you hit level 40 and your already there… hmmm
30 million more…


What about the first time? Lol you sure still had a lot then… :joy: that must have taken a while


Originally? I had only 28 of the 49 I have now back then, looking back at the original post. Sure, the original twenty-eight may have taken a while, but typing out twenty-eight isn’t nearly as long as typing out forty-nine would have been. I’m also posting the updated list every five new hundos I get, that way it doesn’t get too spammy with the post-length.

Posting pictures on here without the aid of simply posting a shot from the phone–tried that originally but kept getting locked by size requirements–requires the following steps:

  1. Taking the screenshot
  2. Uploading image to cloud service
  3. Downloading from cloud service to computer
  4. Cropping and resizing the picture for viewing and posting convenience
  5. Uploading said picture

If one of those steps fails to work, then yeah, it’s a hassle. Since it was just a task of photographing something that could clearly be said in just a number, it hardly seemed worth the effort than say posting the top 12 Dragons, or top 12 Highest CP, etc.


Passed the 50 million mark today during CD



I must be slipping. Took me 11 days to get another million XP


That is about 100k XP per day without egg or friendship?


No raids. I’m only doing 1 incubator. I got couple new Best Friends, but mostly catching monsters and gym battles.


This was june 1st
took me an hour to do the last 4k xp to get me exactly on 100mil xp. I needed a non-gold-my team-colour gym to get from odds xp to even xp, which was pretty hard if you don’t want to battle to avoid unneeded xp.

By now i’m already at 104+ mil xp.


2 new Best Friends today put me over the 52 million XP mark.


Quickest I ever gained a million XP I think.


1 mil in 4 days? You must play alot


You can get a very large amount of XP from the Jump-Ahead Special Research. 810,000 XP with Lucky Eggs strategically placed when claiming the rewards for the tasks.

I got around 800,000 XP so far this last week from normal gameplay, Raikou Raids (I got 140,000 from that day alone), as well as completing the tasks from the Special Research. That is without a single Lucky Egg–as you can see below, I don’t need the XP–so it’s very possible.



Just hit level 40 again.




Back to my normal space of time for gathering XP.