Share your XP official Megathread


7 months of saving up evolutions. But mostly single ones. Not like 20 of one Pokemon. My inner nerd enjoyed making a list in excel, learning to use the VBA, finding the right colorcounting code and making an endprediction.

Now I need to cleanup my Pokemon bag, get the exces out. Than make something else…


I used to make excel sheets for mass evolves too! When there were no raids and that was the only real way to get xp…


I’ve been catching, raiding and evolving all day.


3,5 million to go! Youll be there soon


Hit 36 million this morning!


I managed to get 400000 over the past two days


Hit 38 million XP last weekend


Passed the 39 million mark today.


Level 40, back to 1 and to level 36,5 Again.


A very good idea would be to really start again, I’m seriously thinking to do it (once reaching lv 40).


That would mean losing all the pokemon you collected though. All shinies, 100% IV’s.
I could never get myself to do that.


I’d make an extra account


Time to add new levels.


Just noticed, I never shared my XP here…I’m currently at 35 million. I’m only progressing slowly at the moment, stopped grinding. I don’t have a real XP goal, but TL40x2 sounds nice…


Just passed the 40M mark…




Should probably do something about getting myself to the 100m mark soon… 🥴


Just crossed 41M today…




42 million today!