Share Pokémon GO Codes & Add Friends (Official Megathread)

Please add, my trainer code is 2612 3854 0497. Will send gifts.

6201 6865 1087

Sending gifts every day

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From US New friends wanted 4807 6604 4900

Friends you can add my code 1062 7510 5439 from Lexington KY.
I will Battle and like Raids but if I don’t answer a Raid I am probably actually working at work :slight_smile: LOL!
I am looking for Tyranitar!
I also gift.
I haven’t traded but don’t really know how that works.

4781 9039 0978 Team valor level 43 daily player. Will open and return until you quit responding

Hello Add me! I send gifts daily and accept all legendary raid invites! If you see me online invite me to raid!

6604 8953 9109

2633 0889 3703

Finding for friends from fareast.

0745 0782 0972

username: jaycito8

I can give you a gift everyday and might be able to trade something someday.

Hi! I’m Ancient. My code is 3901 8490 7827. I’m looking for some people to invite me to some raids! I’m from Malaysia. Feel free to add me!!