Share Pokémon GO Codes & Add Friends (Official Megathread)




6392 1027 9660 looking to make some friends
Sydney, Aus bases


I guess this should be divided per month, thus having 12 separate topics for a year to be able to view posts properly, then old post could be closed and archived. We could start it by this first month of the new year, or the next month.


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Add my brother 1357 0257 4337 he plays everyday an will gift to all he is able to an hes in the usa


6392 1027 9660

General discussion

Hi, I’m a french 30yo gamer playing pokemon go when I have the time lol
I’m looking for friends to share gifts and get the missing pokemon in my pokedex :slight_smile:
Here is my code : 3260 8529 6660
Lets have some fun !


2299 9369 1092
From Italy :slight_smile:


Hi. I am an active player from Poland


Hi, I’m from Italy 8502 9833 0935


Add my brother hes looking for pokefriends to gift, plays in usa so other countries would be great.

Finding PokeFriend



9447 8553 8174


Please add me




You already put your code here.
I’ll add you.


Will you keep me if I add you?
I’m bosslapras333.


Everyone I will be accepting a few friends
I’m BossLapras333 from LA, California, USA.
Please tell me if you add me and I am looking for people who sned lots of gifts!


Looking for more friends! Based in Texas. Play daily and send gifts!
6454 3835 3668


Yes of course I’ll keep u lol


Ultimatesteel 2716 7120 7838


2716 7120 7838