Share Pokémon GO Codes & Add Friends (Official Megathread)



8402 9334 3190


got an egg and 5 Uball


Wow coolzies can you send me a gift (please)


I am BossLapras33


I’ll send you one when I get out of work


My trainer code is 8795 0590 8347


Can you resend, it says it doesn’t exist.


Guys I’m so mad sad and stressed… I can’t figure it out… I’m lvl 32 yet don’t see friends in my profile!!! Now I don’t know what to do…


Gifting everyone.


@5GodLink thanks for sending me and my sister (MySadieCat) a gift we will send you gifts in the future we sent you them today.


Add me. I want some friends that dont live near me


@Cup please give me, BossLapras33 and Mysadiecat a gift please give us one


Ok I will send some when I get out of work in the morning


Niantic is putting it out based on levels. So it goes out a little at a time and not overloading servers. We’ll all get it eventually.


I’m scared to accept a gift an override an egg. Still sending everyone a gift who adds me.


The weird thing is I’m lvl 32 but I don’t have a google account… so that’s probably the thing


It’s like Luna said it’s comein in waves


The thing is PTC accounts don’t get beta things like this. As an example we don’t get sponsored things.


Be sure to add me, there is a big cap :billed_cap: for friends so we can add each other and people near us
6867 8578 9035 for those who can copy/paste


I will as soon as it comes out for me… save a spot for JimDaRaider!!!