Share Pokémon GO Codes & Add Friends (Official Megathread)



Let’s be friends in Pokémon GO!
My Trainer Code is:
5992 3474 4265!


5623 9558 9328 is my code


7835 4936 0807 my trainer code send me requests



@Dannyel, I’ve sent you a Friend invite using each of your codes 2 days ago. But you still haven’t accepted.

For others who haven’t yet, here’s my Trainer ID code: 719419431861


I’m from Belgium
my codes are:2455 3029 5988
0901 5673 6272


Hi all, Ewasteman here! Im from the UK Looking for international friends to share gifts and level up with! Add me and i’ll look forward to seeing you in game! :+1:t3:

4942 0127 3896


715834991987 I need help. I have no friends


Hey let’s be friends in Pokemon go
My code is 097829471628


Come on I just have 2 friends



I added you my account name is bible1998


This my trainer code

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Please be from different continents :sob::sob::sob:

Team mystic as well if that matters to you


Helo , I am a Pokemon go Trainer From Taiwan (ROC) in ASIA

we can exchange gift everyday !!

My ID CODE: 7288 6435 2591


5212 8889 3716
From Netherlands, close to Germany :blush:


0166 8232 6835

m belgium


Hi, I’m Noterajo from Poland, my code is :)) 2414 5799 9708


Hey add me if you want


Just added you from Orange County!


I added a whole bunch of international friend codes onto my son’s account. We plan to trade all the international Alolan Pokemon between each other. He is really into it. Every time he gets a gift from someone that the postcard looks international, he waits until he has egg space before opening it.