Search Bar Codes


What search bar codes have you found?

I have found these following ones
-151 Shows you only Gen 1 Pokemon
152-251 Shows you only Gen 2 Pokemon
252- Shows you only Gen 3 Pokemon

(query 1):(query 2):(query 3) means you can see all Pokemon that fit into Query 1, 2 or 3.

You can also replace the : with ;

You can search defender to see gym defenders.
You can search legendary to see legendaries.
If you have the new update, you can search shiny to see shinies.

(pokedex number 1)-(pokedex number 2) allows you to select a range.

So what cool ones have you found. One thing I haven’t found yet is one that lets you see for example your Gen 3 fire types. But if i do find one I will post it here :slight_smile:


Shouldnt Fire; 252 - enable that?
Also, @tackle for mons with tackle



Yep, you can search by fast & charge move by searching with the format “@charge move”


It’s 252-&fire