Scarsity of Unown


Hey guys,the main reason I thought of posting this topic about Unown spawns was because I think I am not the only one who is suffering this problem.TBH I have never seen an Unown spawn in my entire trainer life.
Are they being used as an event bait?
I don’t know…
When gen 3 was being rolled out,I thought “yeah maybe they will be made to spawn a bit more” but…nothing happened.
Of the total 28 the only one I hold is a traded “Y”.
What do you guys think about this issue.
Please do share your experiences…


This is not an issue, they are used to promote events


But everybody can’t attend events.right…
Plus they are valuable Dex entries…:cry:


One entry only


But like everybody I too really wish to fill up that list of 28…:zipper_mouth_face:
Or they could atleast give us pretty hard quest which can ultimately reward unowns(atleast it could comfort people)…
Or they could provide paid quests at the in-game shop…


Yes indeed. But making them exclusive to events I agree with.


From the looks of it events are concentrated in Japan,united states, and other developed countries.Trainers from other land can’t afford to travel just to acquire them…:disappointed_relieved:


I have found ONE non event Unown wild. Ever. And it was weather boosted. Yes they are really scarce


You are indeed lucky mate!


Maybe we get some Unown as a part of the Ultra Bonus. It would be so cool that they give us the letters U, L, T, R, A, B, O, N, S! :star_struck:

Speculation - We are just one step away from the fabled ultra bonus unlock,but what is it?

Ultra bonus hype😍


Ultra bons :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Oh god please no…


Why not?


Because there are so many better posibilities


There are and this is one of them. Going out, searching for all the letters. Or there is the possibility of Unown being research rewards like Spinda.


Different letters are still the same and useless Pokemon
Mewtwo, Gen 4, Deoxys, all of those arw either good, new, or both


I said that Unown should be a part of the Ultra Bonus not the only thing we get as Ultra Bonus.


Why not both? :man_shrugging:t2:


That would be good, was about to say that