RURAL trainers assistance program


i was thinking that CITY area trainers like me could try and focus on having some RURAL friends to send presents to

it is difficult having to travel even just to spin a pokestop or find a gym

we also started a regional KIK chat for rural players to connect
(MD. Wash DC. PA. VA. WVa. Ny. Oh)

thank you


personally i mostly just want to send presents b’cuz i need almost nothing and am surrounded by pokestops and gyms and my bag is pretty much always full


They can just look up codes from all over the world, tons of people want eggs from faraway places


My friends list is full, but I entered a bunch of codes on my son’s account yesterday. He has about 30 spots still available. I posted his code on the Friends codes thread.


Thats actually a really good idea!


That’s a really amazing thing to do, I am literally between two cities but 25 mile in either direction but brilliant for some nice Pokemon’s, and new stop at white wells cafe 3miles from me but zapdos has been caught there this morning! Wonder if it’s there all day!! But I LL hit 5 stops today while walking the doggy!!


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@gummybear & @Ruraldisaster only post trainercodes in here: Pokémon GO Trainer Codes - Add Friends (Official Megathread)

Or send a private message.

Thank you :slight_smile:


dear Mr. Heineken,
i am new to the forum and have a difficult time just with the basics,
so how will the trainercodes not get totally lost in your big huge collection place?

i really do only want rural codes… im not interested in having 100 strangers on my friend list just to get the xp…

how about if they post it here just long enough that it gets forwarded to me, then they delete it

or can i put the KiK rural chatroom i made to go along with this as the preferred code posting place

thank you



hi ruraldis
i wanna answer your question but i hafta reply to this post because your other post got put somewhere else

i am city and i have tons of everything…
don’t even ever worry about sending me anything
send what presents you get to your local besties

i will add you


Let people tell here if they’re rural (or not), and when they are rural, send them a private message.

Easiest answer.


didn’t know you could PM people from here

but also it kinda defeats the intent… had hoped a number of
like minded City trainers would monitor this thread, so
perhaps several could pick up posts/codes from isolated
rural trainers who could really use their friendship

in other words this is a narrow focus idea which
seems to be getting complications
(for reasons i do not know about… maybe they are good
reasons… maybe they shouldn’t blanket apply to everything neither

is there some issue of server limitations, storage, or
bandwidth that would make posting rural codes in here
a burden somehow ?


because there is some apparent problem
if possible please post your rural trainer code
in the (sister) KiK chatroom


or by private message to me


The reason is that trainercodes were posted and spammed everywhere. So they made a central place to post and try to keep the rest on track


i can understand that

could your central place be improved with categories ?

give the rural trainers half a chance to b found
amongst the torrent…

i’m not doubt you see why i am saying/doing this
so i apologize for making waves



Hello @gummybear, welcome to the forum, I will be glad to friend you in a few days.


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I added my son’s scout leader ID code to appropriate thread. She still needs 3 new friends. Can you guys help her?


ummmm thank you but i don’t
need to be friended

i am trying to do the friending

specifically for rural trainers

preferable maryland, Penna, DC, VIrginia, West Va.


@bobbyjack8 is in west virgina.