Reward for discarded items


Should we get a reward for the items we discard? (Coins will never happen, so it’s not an option.)

  • No, keep it as it is.
  • Yes. Give us Stardust.
  • Yes. Give us XP.
  • Yes, Give us both (XP & Stardust)

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Did I encourage you to make this topic?


I had the idea, you gave me the push :wink:


Yes. Much like Pokemon Quest we should definitely get something. For me it would make sense for different items to give different amounts. My idea:
Potion = 5 stardust
Super Potion = 10 stardust
Hyper Potion = 15 stardust
Max Potion = 20 stardust
Revive = 5 stardust
Max revive = 50 stardust
Fast TM = 1000 stardust
Charged TM = 1500 stardust
Rare candy = 80 stardust
Pokeball = 10 stardust
Great Ball = 20 Stardust
Ultra ball = 30 stardust
Razz Berry = 10 stardust
Nanab Berry = 10 stardust
Pinap Berry = 10 stardust
Golden Razz Berry = 65 stardust (i also think that the amount from gyms should be raised to 90 on this one)
Evolution Item = 2000 stardust


I only keep 2 of each evolution items, 2000 dust for each discarded is very nice, better than anything else on this list for me.


Charged TMs are wayyyyy rarer than anything. Same with fast TMs. For a player like me that does a raid every two weeks usually, these are nearly unabtainable, and you are valuing them at the same stardust as a weather boosted caterpie + 25 stardust


I discard Regular Revives and Regular Pokeballs all the time. But I don’t think the game is going to reward me for not buying additional bag space. Now if you were already maxed out on bag space, this would make sense. I’m at 1100 spaces in my bag. I’m sure I have a way to go before I’m maxed out.


Ya, I agree, TMs should have more values than evolution items because first they are rarer than rare candy and two they are not guaranteed to get, unlike evolution items at your 7th day spin.


Ya, I discarded revive from time to time since I can get max revive from gifts nowadays


I added a 0 to make them a bit better


no need to put money in Niantics pocket, patience and filling up gyms will do the trick for buying expantions.
1 everyday 4 day


I would delete all of my Evolution Items


Coins for evolution items!


Stardust is the most Fair, lower level profit more.
And it cost Niantic nothing so it has the most chance of all option to ever be implemented.


Yes, but we should also have another way of getting coins.


Since now trading requires stardust, stardust for discarded item is fair.


Yep maybe like a coin and 50 stardust for a ultra ball.


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