[Research] Why did you start playing POGO? (POLL)


My son wanted to play the game last summer. My phone was too old to download it, so I upgraded. After he got bored of it, I took over. I’m now level 35 and play every day.


because I liked the show


I am at an age, where I should have played the Pokémon games as a kid… But I haven’t. I never had a Game Boy (or any of its successors), I owned a Sega Game Gear, and therefore: no Pokémon games. And I didn’t even miss it. Of course I picked up some facts anyways… Pikachu with its “Pika, pika”, I had heard about the starters of Gen 1, etc… but not more.
When my partner started playing Pokémon Go the day it became available here, I thought… OK, I’ll try it, too…
And after some days I was hooked. It was fun, I learned about some Pokémon stuff I should have known from the games, and we had a new common hobby. While my partner almost lost interest, I became more and more addicted. (He always was 2 levels ahead of me, but then I took the lead…:grin:), now we both play together a lot.