[Research] Why did you start playing POGO? (POLL)



I have played pokemon since pokemon red and blue since primary school, but stopped playing until Gen 4 because i felt that the pokemon designs are starting to get weird. occasionally i do play the remakes, but i started to play XY when it came out, and it stuns me again.

I do heard about Pokemon Go quite late before release, but not really hype over it, but now i have played the game since it released.


A-ish. Never played Pokémon but then after watching my wife play Pogo I tried, it became a competition to see if I could surpass her. I did. 25/33


D. I never knew anything about POGO. I just wanted to be better than my friends. Come to find out later that the theme song of Pokemon is him wanting to be the very best. So I wanted to be the very best outta all my friends. Also DL’d it to see what the hype was about.


wondering how the results are compiled etc - really excited to see what this comes to


A. Super interested in Pokemon when I was a child but never had a money to buy them. Pogo is free and actually quite fun. I wanna catch em all!


A. Now I absolutely love Pokemon.


My 12 year old son got me playing,grew up around it and never played till start date 8/31/16. Gonna level up to 33 today


I always wanted to be a Pokemon Trainer eversince I played the GBA series. Pokemon Go made it possible. I dunno why some people is taking this game for granted. Walk and Catch, I ain’t got problem with that? Niantic is doing great, just be patient.


I started playing Pokemon Go because I was 42-years-old and found out I was going to be a dad again. I have a 4-year-old as well and want to be able to be around for my family as long as possible, so looked at it as a great way to get exercising while exploring new places. My wife already played the game, and my son loves the characters (he jumps between my arms and tells the Pokemon to stay in the ball) so I figured it would also be a great family bonding activity.

Unfortunately, we lost the baby we were expecting, but the game actually helped us get through it as a family… Initially as a distraction, then getting back to normalcy, then by continuing to bring my family closer and creating all new memories on great family adventures all over New England.


I started playing because most youtubers started posting abt it.


I always loved Pokemon. When I was a child I got interested in the game because I played in the GBA of someone else. But after that opportunity I couldn’t keep enjoying it. My parents couldn’t afford a GBA… So I had to conform with the anime on TV and I loved it! It was my favorite TV show and my biggest dream was to be a Pokemon Master. Later I got to play the games and basically grow up with them.
Now that I’m an “adult” (?) I started to play PoGo cos it reminded me how happy I was in my childhood with everything that was pokemon related and also cos it gives me the perfect excuse to go out, exercise and see the world.
The sad thing is that I haven’t found ppl who likes it too to share the experience of the game. Most of the ppl I talk to about Pokemon or PoGo is not even from my country or zone…


A for me.

I had played Ingress for round a year until I got bored with the lack of change. I then found myself having to undergo a back operation just as Pokemon Go came out and knew I was going to have to do lots of walking afterwards, so realising Ingress would be no good for me, as the distances mean you need to drive (could not for 2 weeks after the operation by UK law) or cycle (was probably ~6 weeks post operation before this was possible), decided to give PoGo a go, and got addicted.


A) also cause the pogo youtube community kept me interested forsure like Nick, Rev, and Brandon. Plus i skate so its conveniant for me to get km’s and pmons with the pogo plus.


D) this is the game that 10-years old me was dreamig about while walking the family dog


My answer is definitely a combo of B and C. I’ve always dreamed of being a real life Pokemon trainer (yes, I’m a 90’s kid). I’m also a big time runner, so I can connect go plus and rack up tons of KMs and pokemon on my runs!!


A) I had only played one main series game before and POGO got me interested in Pokemon.


B !

Only started playing because I’m a huge nerd for the “old” games, now I love it more than the original series lol.


B) I played pokemon before POGO and this is the main reason why I started playing


I LOVE POKEMON in GENERAL. When I hear the news about Pokemon Go it drives me crazy because since then, I love Pokemon but I’m not playing any pokemon games because I don’t have money to buy 3DS.


Combo of A and D. I really wanted to see what all the fuss was about and got addicted. Wife joined me a couple months later when the Christmas Pikachu came out.