[Research] Why did you start playing POGO? (POLL)


UPDATE! - I’m very sorry, I only just found that there is in fact, a poll option so I have now added this. Please choose the option closest to you in the poll, and if you have already replied please check an option in the poll. Thank you. :slight_smile:

I started playing the game because I was interested in the augumented reality side of the game and because it made me walk. I was not a Pokemon player prior to POGO nor was I interested in pokemon as such.

I am interested in the reasoning why you started playing. I wish I could create a poll asking how many players started for what reason, but can’t seem to find that so I will do it manually.

Please select your answer, A, B, C or D

  • A) I never/rarely played pokemon before POGO and I started playing to walk/augmented reality.
  • B) I played pokemon before POGO and this is the main reason why I started playing.
  • C) I played pokemon before POGO but I started playing to walk/augmented reality.
  • D) Other reason (you can specify if you like, but poll will only show as other, so try to select one above that is closest to you)

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General discussion

B) I’ve played pokemon ever since I was little and being able to walk around and see them in the real world with AR makes it that much better!


C) I’m a 90s kid who grew up with pokemon, and a neckbeard who needs to go outside more often.


D) my son told me about it ! Never played Pokémon before I’m 46 yrs old now I’m lvl 36


Was the games augumented reality / need to walk & travel the main appeal or is it a big factor in why you play?


Yes very. There’s a million better games to play at home, exploring the real world and playing with real people are key ingredients to this games appeal. Spoofers are contradictions to that form of play.


I would say A. But I started because I wanted to get into pokemon since DS days but the graphics was unplayable, even in 3ds era. Finally a pokemon game that’s always with me and serviceable in looks and it’s convinient platform


Yes I walk my dog and catch about 30 Pokémon each walk in my Maryland neighborhood now have 985 poks with at least 81%iv plus 100 well over 2000cp only 11 100% though I think I prob let a lot go early in the game the 100% when I hit lvl 30 or so I started catching starters at lvl28 or 30 so not much dust spent on very high cp poks it’s great kinda love this game people go crazy when I show them my line up


B) I played Red and Blue back in the dsy


I grew up with Pokemon and have loved it my whole life. I’ve also been looking for reasons to get out of the house more, and PoGo is the perfect answer. Unsure if this falls into B or C though.


B) I’ve played every game in the series and used to watch the show when I was a kid.


A) I never/rarely played pokemon before POGO and I started playing to walk/augmented reality.

I never played the games, but growing up I watched Pokemon on TV, which I suppose got me interested in Pokemon in the first place.


B. I started with Red on my gameboy advance


B. After years on grinding on silver, i started to play on emulator a few games ago. Played a lot, still do. So PoGo was a must when it came out and it was fun so I played even when everbody around me was stopping.


D. Started playing because of my girlfriend. Saw her playing & had a crack & got hooked. 31/07/17 start date now 700k off lvl 38 while she is mid lvl 33 :joy:


A for me. I watched lots of Pokemon episodes as a kid but never really played the main series game. I still remember the first one on my computer when I tried so hard to get the avatar out of the house but it kept saying go upstairs to get something and I never could get it. It’s so embarrassing but yeh! This game now is legit made up for my childhood misfortunate :stuck_out_tongue:


My wife started playing with her friends and asked me to try join her. I was instantly hooked!


It’s got to be C) and just because pokemon are my favourite series



I must say that Pokemon GO was a nostalgic event for me


D: Because I am an Ingress player from the first hour.